Happy Camper and Barry’s Babe: Susan Harrison
by Susan Harrison

  STATS HEIGHT: 5 FT. 9 WEIGHT BEFORE: 163 POUNDS WEIGHT NOW: 126-129 POUNDS * DRESS SIZE BEFORE: 10 DRESS SIZE NOW: 0-2 JEANS BEFORE: 32 JEANS NOW: 26/27 *Note: Since I do weigh myself every day, I allow myself a three to four pound “band.” Someone once suggested this to me, and it’s really important. You can’t get crazy if you are one to two pounds heavier one day – many times it’s simply your body retaining water. It took me awhile to know where this range should fall. When I first lost all the weight, I was hovering at 122-125 and I definitely looked too thin. This band is a perfect one for me, I can live a Read More