Welcome to the Intel!

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Welcomes to the club! THE Barry Jay, the co-founder of the eponymous Barry’s Bootcamp, has been in the fitness trenches for over thirty years, famously kicking well-toned celebrity butts into camera-ready shape. Armed with decades of experience, he believes that the quest for physical fitness is a journey that involves your mind and spirit because “self-discipline is self-love.” As a welcome to the shiny new Barry’s Bootcamp blog, The Intel, Barry has collected his top tips on getting in shape and staying there.

1) Winning starts with beginning.

Who we are and who we are going to be is always up to us. We make decisions and stand by them. We set goals and we plan out how we are going to achieve those goals. We must remember that the body we are given is a gift and ours to take care of – no returns, no exchanges. I’m a big believer in removing the word “can’t” from our vocabulary.  Give it everything you’ve got and get everything you want!

2) Work hard, eat right and be consistent.

It’s so basic. It’s so simple and we as people can complicate it.  Just work out – work hard. Eat right, a cheat meal now and then – be consistent.  We wouldn’t learn how to play piano very well if we only practiced once a week for 30 minutes.  But if you practiced 5-6 times a week for an hour – you’ll see.

3) SEEK!

It’s not like the macrobiotic person has got it all right and the vegetarian is messing up.  The person watching calories isn’t any better than the person removing wheat/gluten etc.  Just have a plan for success. People who don’t know about these things should seek out help from those who do. Any food program can work if done right.

I read today when a ship changes course you can’t really tell at first, but as the ship keeps going it ends up somewhere different because of that slight shift.

Welcome to the beginning of our blog journey, The Intel! We are thrilled to have you onboard!