The Unhealthiest “Healthy” Foods Ever!


By now most of us know that foods we once thought were Olive Oyl are actually Wimpy (for anyone younger than 38, we’re talking Popeye here). Salads can be loaded with carby croutons, fatty dressings and lardy bacon, and hamburgers can actually be lean protein delivery systems (on occasion, and bun-less). In other words, you can’t judge a food by it’s wrapper, until you read the nutrition label. And then there’s eating out. Since most of us aren’t reading the calorie counts on menus, when they’re even there, we make mistakes. We order the salad, hoping and praying that it won’t break the calorie budget.

That’s where the “halo effect” comes in. If a food has the perception of being healthy (It’s ORGANIC! It’s a VEGETABLE! I saw a MODEL eat it, even though she did seem a little less bloated after returning from the bathroom…), then we tend to trust it and eat even more of it. Thanks to Men’s Health Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine and their regular feature Eat This, Not That, we can cover that fake halo with a lampshade and see these foods for what they really are — demons that are desperate to get inside us and cause all sorts of trouble.

Here is the latest list of the worst healthy meals in major restaurant chains. Like that veggie sub that is a cool grand – ONE THOUSAND CALORIES!