A Natural Fit? (Natural Running Shoes)

Virtually every athletic shoe company is now touting at least one “natural” running shoe. Nike has the Nike Free, Adidas has the adipure line, Newton has, well, everything they sell. And then there are those awesomely hideous Vibram five finger shoes. So what’s all the fuss? Is a natural or “barefoot” running shoe really better? The answer probably depends on your gait and your style of running. (For tips on the right way to run, read professional runner David Siik’s excellent article). Martin George went to Runnergy, the world-famous Los Angeles-based running store to meet with owner Jeff who ran down the options with him. Watch the video to learn more.

And if you’re in Los Angeles, show your Barry’s Bootcamp key tag at Runnergy for a 10% discount on shoes and apparel!