Move of the Month – The Standing Coregasm

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we need to do it in a different position because we’re bored with the same old one over and over or because we’re just not feeling it anymore. By “it” we mean your abdominal exercises of course, but we’re sure you were thinking that and not something else. Barry’s Bootcamp L.A. Area Manager and Trainer Martin George has invented another amazing full-body working, and it’s called the Standing Coregasm.

“This Core/Ab exercise is particularly nasty because it involves so much of your entire body. The more you can put your whole body into it the more intense you are going to feel it. Standing Core/Ab exercises are great because they throw off your balance and force you to engage muscles that would otherwise be sedentary during the exercise. If you do this steadily and with complete control you will be engaging muscles in your hip flexors, your entire back, shoulder girdle, and almost every single abdominal muscle from your six pack to the deeper transverse abdominus. If you can get three sets of 15-20 on each side alternating sides that will give you a multiple coregasm. Happy crunching.”

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Martin George is the Los Angeles area General Manager and Director of Instructor Training / Media Manager for Barry’s Bootcamp.