Happy Camper – Monica Jeffries

AGE: 40
OCCUPATION: Social Worker for L.A. County
HOME BASE: Santa Clarita, CA



Height : 5 ft. 3
Weight: 270 lbs.
Dress size: 24/26

184 lbs.
My mini- goal is to lose an additional 20 pounds by the end of the year and to weigh 140 – 150 in 2013. I know if I continue, I will soon be at a place where I will be completely happy and satisfied with MY body even if I will never be a size 2 and weigh 110 lbs.

Dress size: 8/10 !!

My hubby and I belong to a Trikke group/ club and we “carve” ride in many different locations. It’s a great low impact full body workout. I also LOVE Reading and Baking!


My story is a bit different and unique. I am a huge fan of New Kids on the Block and one of it’s members heard/ knew of Harley Rodriguez teaching at the West Hollywood location. But my friend, Pearley Bautista – another fellow BH (BlockHead what the fan base is called), and I thought WeHo was a little too far. Besides Harley ended up moving out to BBC NYC before we can take his class. Pearley found online there was a Sherman Oaks location and asked me if we should check it out. So we agreed to buy 3 classes to test it out and on 11/11/11 took the plunge and walked into our first BBC class. We told ourselves we will do the 3 classes and if too hard we never have to return. Needless to say 1st class KILLED us! But I lost 5 lbs my first week and by end of December dropped 20 lbs.




[one_half last]

Storm Newton! What an amazing trainer who not only is very motivating and inspiring but sweet and caring. Plus he’s easy on the eyes and sings in class thus making you forget that he is putting your body through hell and back!

Now I currently go anywhere from 1-5x’s a week depending on work schedule. I have since taken Martin, Christian, and Erik. All very great trainers as well. I am also now addicted to Psycho Sundays with Erik Steffens! Talk about a killer class that you can feel the fat melting off your body! Love Erik’s motivating speeches given at the beginning and end of his classes.



BBC saved my life! 2 years ago I passed out at a client’s house and I thought it was stress but found out I was borderline diabetic. But for a year I refused to believe it and didn’t change my lifestyle and pretty soon had to take medication for my diabetes. I realized I was turning 40 in 2012 and decided a change must happen or I was going to suffer and die young! Thankfully Pearley and I took the first step and helped each other stay motivated to continue on with BBC!

I no longer have diabetes, do not take any medications, and my blood work is all at the normal levels!

Previously I lost 80+ lbs by doing Optifast (liquid diet) with little to no exercise. I lost the pounds quickly but my skin was a sagging mess! But the combination of cardio and weights at BBC changed all that! I still have problem areas like my triceps, thighs, and lower belly BUT I can tell the sagging has decreased.


[one_half last]

I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I quickly become obsessed with various things, people, etc and thankfully my current obsession is Barry’s Bootcamp.

I don’t know if this is appropriate to say but losing weight has tremendously improved my sex life with hubby! Also, now I can play and run around with my nephew Sean (2 1/2 years old). I used to get extremely irritated and tired when I had to change his diapers or put him in his car seat because I would start sweating so much!

I want to have my own children ASAP and know I am prepping my body to make this happen!


Along my journey, many have told me they wish they had my willpower to make the change like I have. Let me tell you – I have very little willpower because if I had it I would have never gotten to 270 lbs! Fast food everyday, donuts, chocolate, candy, etc. I LOVE food and especially sweets and to this day it’s a struggle! I always tell people: TRUST me if I can do it then so can you!

I went through EVERY weight loss program and gimmick out there. I was NEVER “skinny” I was “fat” since the 1st grade. There is no EASY answer or quick fix! Healthy Living requires EXERCISE program that WORKS like Barry’s Bootcamp and changes to your eating habits.

Also do it with a FRIEND! At times it was rough but Pearley and I encouraged each other to stick with it! Along this journey I have met some amazing BBC peeps that have encouraged, motivated, and inspired me and now are my friends! We try to take classes together as often as possible. We have since brought family and other friends into BBC!

I encourage those who have not tried BBC to come in and try a class! Don’t be scared or intimidated by the word “bootcamp.” You can go at your own pace and use the weights you feel comfortable with BUT the amazing thing about the class is that the trainers only motivate YOU to strive for YOUR best! You soon realize you WANT to push your body to the max and achieve the goals in each BBC class for YOURSELF.