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Michel Reybier loves what he does and it shows. A dreamer and entrepreneur with a passion for the finer things in life, Michel has turned his passions into successful businesses with an almost cult following. From award winning wineries in France and Hungary, to sumptuous and elegant hotels and residences in Geneva, Paris and the Côte d’Azur, Michel spends his life traveling the world looking for amazing locations. Once he finds the property he is looking for, he and his creative collaborator Raouf Finan go to work, and together they turn it into another extraordinary hotel. As Michel says “I look for places that feel extraordinary, a certain light, a certain energy, a certain esprit. I look for qualities we can’t find anywhere else.”

One of those places is La Réserve Paris, where Denise and I had the pleasure of staying last time we visited the City of Light. Did you know that there are over 1500 hotels in Paris? In fact, Paris has more hotels than any other city in the world. Having said that, I can easily count my favorites on one hand. While La Reserve Paris is a prestigious residence rather than a hotel, it goes straight into our top 5 places in the city that we like to call home when visiting. Here in the chic 16th arrondissement, just off Place du Trocadéro at number 3 Avenue d’Eylau, lies a black door with no name, and beyond that black door you will find ten unique residences. Each are designed with pure simple lines, that create a refreshing contemporary ambience, and are filled with black and white photography and stark modern sculptures, all in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

Downstairs you will find British artists and designers featured everywhere, and quite rightly so. With metalwork by Based Upon, prints by Marcus James, and David Collins brought in to design Massimo Restaurant and Bassoon Bar the whole place is alive with color, lights and a style that even Queen Victoria would have approved of..! The ESPA Life Spa is a destination all by itself and well worth visiting, even just to see it. This is without doubt the best spa in London right now, and because of that everyone comes here, so make your appointments before you arrive to ensure the treatments and therapists you want are all available.

You will also find all the services of a five-star hotel available to you just for the asking. Need valet parking, or a really good concierge who totally understands the needs of her guests? Just call downstairs. Need secure access? Don’t worry, no one will find you here. How about a professional chef? Just ask. All of this and a housekeeper to prepare breakfast every morning, run errands and be there when you need her, make this the ideal home for just a few days or maybe a few months. As always we have our favorites. Apartment # 5 is a wow from the moment you open the front door, and is ideal for entertaining. Apartment # 10 is everything you ever dreamed your home in Paris would be like. With its private terrace and full on view of L’Eiffel, it’s magical both day and night.

Global Black Book Says: If you are fed up with hotel suites and want to try something different, or just need privacy and the sense of a real home in one of the best residential areas of the city, then La Réserve has your name written all over it. We can’t recommend the property highly enough, nor can we wait to return.

Barry’s Bootcamp Says: Whether you live in London or are just visiting the new London Barry’s Bootcamp, set to open in January 2013, a side trip to Paris should always be in the cards. And why not live like a (very lucky) resident rather than a tourist?

La Réserve Place du Trocadéro, 75116 Paris, France


Gordon MacGeachyGordon MacGeachy has been getting his ass kicked at Barry’s Bootcamp for 10 years. When he’s not there, he travels the world, lives life at its best and is co-founder of Global Black Book, the trusted source for some highly opinionated luxury travel and lifestyle intelligence. Gordon and his team of well traveled, exceptionally fit, and very “easy on the eyes” Travel Concierge, know where you should stay, how to get you there in style,  who you need to know once you arrive, and most importantly, how to take care of all the details, so you don’t have to. Where are you going next..?