Get a KLUTCHclub box for free!


We’ve been hearing a lot about KLUTCHclub lately, and we are very eager to try it out. So what exactly is it? KLUTCHclub is a health and wellness subscription service that sends to its subscribers monthly packages full of healthy lifestyle products ranging from supplements,healthy snacks,drinks, cosmetics, gift cards for healthy products and more! We’re looking forward to our box in the mail, but you can get one for yourself as well, free of charge (pay only the shipping fee of $8!)

To readers of the Intel, KLUTCHclub is offering a limited number of free “Best of” boxes. These “best of” boxes contain $100 worth of their most popular health and wellness products. All you have to do it go to the order page and enter the special code “INTEL” and you’re all set. **Note: When you enter a credit card to pay for shipping, you will automatically be auto-renewed for a monthly $17 subscription. But fret not, bootcampers. According to Julie Bashkin, CEO and Founder, you can cancel any time – there is no minimum subscription length. We do ask you wait 5 days before opting out of auto renew – if you cancel before the credit card charge goes through, it risks canceling your “Best-of” box. They  explain it all in FAQ, terms and conditions and their confirmation emails after the order.

This offer expires Wednesday, February 20th or when supplies run out, so you better sprint your butt over to the KLUTCHclub now. Let us know what you think!