Happy Camper: Sharaya Jones

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Working out to lose weight? The biggest difference is not always on the scale. Read about Sharaya’s dramatic and moving change, inside and out. Sharaya has been thrilled with her results so far – she’s added muscle AND a Barry’s Bootcamp tattoo!

NAME: Sharaya Jones

AGE:  25

OCCUPATION: Customer Service Representative at a call center.

HOME BASE: Sherman Oaks, Ca


I grew up in South Central LA. I then moved to Glendale and Burbank. I now live in Sherman Oaks and I love it here. Since I’m a Customer Service Rep at a call center, this job makes it very easy to gain weight since I sit for 8 hours a day! I

I like to dance, write, and sing. My favorite singers ever are Beyonce , Britney Spears, and Jesse McCartney. My favorite genre of music is pop. I’m not a very good singer, but I still love doing it!



HEIGHT: 5 ft. 4

WEIGHT: 230 pounds

DRESS SIZE: XL or size 20



DRESS SIZE: I am now a Medium and a size 12!

WEIGHT: 215 pounds. The scale says I’ve only lost about 15 pounds since I started, but I have also put on an insane amount of muscle.

Trainer Storm Newton swears up and down that I must have replaced 40 + pounds of fat with muscle.



I joined Barry’s on 1/13/2012. Before I started, I only worked out with DVDs sporadically My friend Cristy made me go. I didn’t want to! I lived right around the corner from Barry’s for a year before I went. My mom kept telling me to go, but I would always say no because I was scared. The name just seems scary and like it would be too hard for me to do. One day Cristy and I were at work and she told me that we needed to workout. We both had goals that we wanted to lose weight for. My goal was to be able to wear a sexy dress on my birthday. She found Barry’s and said that I had no choice. I complained and told her that I was scared but she would not back down. I’m so happy she didn’t. She may have saved my life.

Rebecca Stevens was at the desk when I went for the first time. She was so nice to me! I was terrified that I would be looked at weird for being so big and out of shape. She’s always so friendly to me.  Michelle Moore and Bethany Hilliard are as well. They all really make going there a great experience. I thought Barry’s would be full of “pretty people” that wouldn’t be so kind. I’m so happy I was wrong!

I saw Storm Newton on the website and when I saw that he would be the instructor I wanted to leave. He just looked so intimidating! Yet when I actually met him he was so awesome. He made me feel like it was OK to be there and made me want to keep going back. His workouts are intense but not totally impossible. Plus, he dances and sings! I love going to his class.

When I started I bought 3 classes.  The next time I bought 3 classes again. Then I wanted to know if it was possible to take 5 classes a week, so I bought 5. I quickly learned that I loved it! I became addicted to working out and have been going 5-6 days a week almost since I started.

Barry’s is my happy place.



Before Barry’s I didn’t have many friends. I didn’t like to leave my house because I didn’t want people to see me as big as I was. I thought I was really ugly. I was really mean to people because I didn’t like myself at all. I was very depressed. I honestly do not know if I would still be here if I never found Barry’s. I had to lose weight to save my life.

Barry’s Bootcamp has completely changed my life.

I am so much happier than I was before. I love going out! I have tons of friends and people that care for me. I like my life a lot more now. I want to live now which is not something I would have said before I started Bootcamp. I want to keep going on this journey.

I have met so many friends by going to Barry’s. I know a lot of the “regulars” that go to the night classes. I didn’t know that I was capable of making friends, but Barry’s has changed that as well! I love Barry’s Bootcamp because of the people!



I like the way I look! I have muscles now! I never thought I would have muscles!  I don’t become winded when going up and down stairs or walking to work. I feel very strong now.

Losing weight made me more comfortable in my own skin so I got the courage to do things that I was afraid to do before.

I do not follow a certain diet. This is the part that I still struggle with every day. I am trying to choose healthy options and eat less than I did before.


Just go for it! It may seem impossible, but it isn’t! Before I started Barry’s I honestly thought that I wasn’t able to lose weight anymore. I was very close to giving up on trying. I had tried so many diets and nothing worked. Then I found something that works for me. It’s not easy, but you have to stick with it and find what works best!


I want to be a size 8 on my birthday. My birthday is July 21st. I want to become a better runner. Then I want to maintain this. I do not want to gain the weight back! Ever!