Two Hearts Beat as One?


The couple that sweats together stays together. Or do they? More and more, couples are working out together. Well+Good recently wrote about the surge in couples-oriented workouts. We know you like to get hot and sweaty together, but should you be working out side by side? Just like any good spat, there are two very different views on this subject.

Let’s start with the haters. There are a number of reasons that some experts say you are better off not pumping (iron) with your honey. You might not get to do what you want, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled. Competition could start an unwanted argument. Prevention Magazine recently listed 8 reasons couples shouldn’t work out together. Recognize any of these? If so, you might be better off with a post-exercise calorie burn together than shared gym time.

And now for the lovers. Psychologists believe that turning gym time in “us time” can help bring a couple together. The Huffington Post recently detailed a number of reasons that couples who work out together can strengthen their relationship by doing so. Not only that, but recent studies have suggested that working out with a friend can actually boost your weight loss. So who’s right? That depends on your relationship. Some couples may benefit from breathing heavily in the gym together, while others should keep the heavy breathing to the bedroom. Experts say you should try it out on a limited basis before committing to anything.

What do you think? Work out together or keep it separate?