Happy Camper – Pearley Bautista




NAME: Pearley Bautista
OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse
MARITAL STATUS: Married for 17 years with a 7-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter.
AGE: 38
HOME BASE: Currently San Fernando Valley, CA. Grew up in Eagle Rock.
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: In 2008, my favorite childhood boy band – the New Kids on The Block, reunited. I have been going to multiple concerts and Meet and Greets that allowed me to meet the band, and my favorite New Kid, Jordan Knight. I have met many friends who are like me, who love NKOTB. We call ourselves BH – Blockheads!


Health profile


HEIGHT: 4 ft. 9
WEIGHT: I was 168 lbs right before joining Barry’s Bootcamp in 2012. But at my heaviest, I was 195 lbs when my second child was born in 2006.
DRESS SIZE: 16XL but up to size 20 or XXL at my heaviest. (*Pearley is 9 months pregnant in the “before” photo above.*)


HEIGHT: 4 ft. 9
DRESS SIZE: Small/Medium or Size 8

Health history
I’m an RN working in Medical Coding at UCLA. I essentially sit at my desk all day and have very little activity until I have breaks. For many years, I have tried numerous diets to lose weight. I took up playing tennis with my daughter, but I couldn’t handle it. I went to the gym, but wasn’t motivated to keep going. I tried the Atkins diet, which helped me, but I couldn’t stick to it, as it was hard to avoid carbs. I did Jenny Craig for a year and it did help me lose the first 25 pounds, and through the years I managed to lose 10 pounds watching my diet to some degree, but mostly just maintained my weight. I have also tried doing the Master Cleanse a few times, but lost and gained soon after eating. I’ve tried walking during the week for 45 minutes and an hour on the weekend at the Rose Bowl with a friend. I have also joined a 3-month program that was offered at work that involved a CrossFit-like program. I still did not lose any weight. But I was glad I did this program as it helped me for the future.

mission begins

One of the New Kids on the Block members, Jonathan Knight, came out as being gay and I found out that his boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez, was a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. One day, in Sherman Oaks, I discovered that there was a Barry’s Bootcamp and went to see if it was the same kind that Harley Rodriguez taught. I went into the lobby and watched a class that was in progress and I have to admit, it was very intimidating! But I picked up a schedule and told a couple of friends about it. We were very skeptical, but after deciding to go on a NKOTB cruises, and for health reasons, we bought three classes to start, just to see if we liked it or could handle it. So on 11/11/11, my friend Monica Jeffries and I both took class with Tyler Lough at 4:30 and right away he knew we were new and he introduced himself to us and explained how it worked. I could hardly keep up with the beginning speeds.

I don’t follow any particular diet, but I try to choose healthy! I incorporate healthy carbs, protein fruits and vegetables. I eat every two hours and try not to eat any sweets, however if I feel like indulging every now and then I do, but try to keep it at a minimum. I believe in enjoying myself with moderation.


On 12/20/12 I started taking Storm Newton’s class at 8:00 PM – I saw his photo and have to admit, he was intimidating to me. But as soon as I started warming up on the treadmill he introduced himself to me and I found him to be friendly, personable… and he sang in class – which was the clincher! I love taking Erik Steffens’, Martin George’s and Allie Cohen’s classes. I also loved Shane Collins’ class before he left for London. The trainers are amazing in that they each have different techniques and ways of teaching that makes you challenge yourself each time.

But my favorite trainer is Storm Newton! His training method has helped me lose weight and sculpt my body in a way I didn’t think I’d ever see in my lifetime.

I also love the friendly staff who always greets us with welcoming smiles!

I have found many amazing people who have been nothing but supportive and my best cheerleaders. I love the Barry’s Bootcamp community and family that has formed for the common goal of either losing weight or just being healthy. Every single person I’ve met is inspirational to me and helps me through this journey.

mission outcome

Losing weight has helped me build confidence in myself again. I have found the combination of running and strength training to be one of the best workouts for me. I feel stronger and more healthy, which was my ultimate goal when I started this journey. I love the feeling I get when people who knew how big I was see how much I have lost and are proud of me and compliment me — it happens every day. Especially my family and friends! It’s great to be able to have so much energy to play with my 7 year old boy.

My outlook is that this journey has been slow and steady. Even though the scale might say I’m “obese,” it doesn’t measure all the inches I’ve lost and the muscles that I have gained. I am happy with the body I have worked so hard for, but I know that there’s always room for improvement and I still have 15 to 20 pounds more to lose.





Never doubt your ability as you will be surprised at how much stronger you are then you realized! Never give up or lose faith, and if you fall, just get back up! Keep a healthy goal that is obtainable in a healthy time frame. There’s no race for your health. If you haven’t exercised before that’s okay. Start off slow and constant and before you know it, you’ll be running faster with a stronger breath and lifting more weights in no time.





I have been enriched with so much joy and love from the Barry’s Bootcamp clients, trainers and staff and I am very grateful for the support and encouragement I get every time I come to class. There’s no better place to be and get the best workout in the world!!


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