The 14 Unofficial “Rules” of Barry’s Bootcamp

We LOVE our Bootcampers. You are all unique – different bodies, different abilities, and we celebrate that. All a trainer asks is that you give all you have to give. And you do!

Bootcampers are also outspoken, funny and clever (after all, regular exercise makes you smarter). So when Bootcamper Suzanna Sanchez created the 14 Unofficial Rules of Barry’s Bootcamp, we had to share it. Suzanna’s Rules do not represent the opinions of employees or owners of Barry’s Bootcamp (but they did make us laugh).

  1. Follow the “Unofficial” Rules of Barry’s Bootcamp
  2. Turn off your treadmill when you finish. I know this is obvious, but somehow people think it’s cool to jump off the treadmill and leave it running. We assure you, it is not cool to unexpectedly step onto a moving treadmill.
  3. If you sweat a lot when you run, that’s great! You are working hard. But please wipe your treadmill down when you are done so the next runner isn’t grossed out. (This is especially important if you consumed alcoholic beverages in the past 12 hours.)
  4. If you wear Victoria’s Secret athletic gear or have glitter on your running shorts, this is not the class for you.
  5. Stop talking. No really, STOP TALKING during class. No one cares what you have to say. We are busy working out.
  6. Double floor means don’t even look at the treadmill. Stay on your bench.
  7. Why are you walking on the treadmill?
  8. Don’t yell at the staff and especially Sam if you are late to class and your spot is given away. Arrive on time and be sure to check in and tell them if you want to do double floor.
  9. Don’t work out at Barry’s and then eat pizza and beer for dinner and complain that Barry’s doesn’t help you lose weight. You are an idiot.
  10. If your name is Aaron or Noah, you should not wear a shirt. Ever. (Ladies, you are welcome.)
  11. A jog is 5.0, a run is 7.0 and a sprint is 8.5. These are not suggestions. These are the minimum speeds. I repeat, these are not suggestions so stop slacking off.
  12. There are numbers on your weights. If you put an 8 pound weight where a 15 pound weight belongs, you should go back to kindergarten.
  13. Why are you sitting during class?
  14. Lastly, learn your left from your right. You can do this. Now, get to it!