Funniest Fitness Fails

fitness fails

Every fitness fanatic has experienced a fitness fail from time to time. Despite our best efforts, sometimes exercising just turns into spazzercising. We’ve compiled our favorite stories of workout mishaps that have actually happened to our readers, from bootcamp and beyond. Warning: don’t try these at home… or the gym.

      1. I was trying to impress the hot guy on the treadmill next to me, desperately trying to match his speeds, trying to get his attention. Instead I did a face plant on the moving treadmill, and my boobs popped out of my workout top. THAT got his attention.

~Danielle, Glendale, CA

      2. I accidentally drank out of someone else’s water during a Barry’s Bootcamp class because we both had the water they sell at class. OMG, this woman was so pissed off at me! She made me leave class to buy her another water in the lobby IMMEDIATELY. Next round of floor work, I did it again! This time she didn’t notice, so I kept quiet.

~Carrie, New York, NY

      3. I’m a yoga teacher and when I attempted to assist a student kick up into a handstand, he accidentally kicked me in the face and chipped one of my front teeth. Needless to say, I don’t assist anybody during handstands anymore. They have to fend for themselves.

~Ross, Detroit, MI

      4. When I was practicing roundhouse kicks during my karate class, the kicking target flew right out of my partner’s hands and straight through the plate glass window of the studio.

~John, Van Nuys, CA

      5. I was practicing a handstand against the wall in my Capoeira class. I kicked up a little too hard and my foot went right through the drywall.

~Kyle, Orlando, FL

      6. I was at 24 Hour Fitness, when a member I’ve known for a while approaches me, points and says, “You! I’m so mad at you! I got rear ended because of you last night!” I panicked and thought “Did I hit someone in the parking lot?!” I almost got defensive but I asked in a very calm, yet inquisitive voice, “How?” She replies, “Well, I was at a red light and you were jogging with a pretty, red-headed girl. As you were crossing the street, a lady with two kids hits the back of my car denting it. When we pulled over to exchange information, I asked her why she hit me and the lady replied, ‘I’m sorry, I was too distracted watching that guy (pointing to me) cross the street.’” The member puts her hands on her hips and says, “So there, you got me rear ended!”

~ Christian, Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Sherman Oaks

      7. When I was swimming laps in the pool gym, my tampon came out and started floating ahead of me.

~ Anita, New York, NY

      8. One day I was late to yoga class. Hurriedly, I found a space in the front of the room. I hastily unrolled my yoga towel and waved it around like a flag to straighten it out. Thanks to static cling, a pair of my wife’s red thong panties were stuck to the front. I tried to peel them off and quickly and discreetly as possible, but the static cling made this loud, crackling sound that echoed a silent yoga studio.

~Teddy, Columbus, OH

      9. During taekwondo class I was paired up with a cute girl for some boxing drills. To my dismay, she was really good and scoring some massive hits on me. I decided to step up my game a little, so I threw a jab punch just as she stepped forward to throw a punch. I heard this loud crack as I connected – I broke her nose. I felt like such an ass and the whole class glared at me like I was a woman-beating bully.

~Henry, Los Angeles, CA

      10. I was doing crunches while trying to pull on a resistance band behind my head during bootcamp. The resistance band accidentally got looped around my ponytail and when I crunched up, it had a depilatory effect. Luckily, I only lost a small chunk of hair instead of having a ponytail-ectomy. But the whole class heard me let out a blood curdling shriek.

~Julie, New York, NY

      11. I had a sudden onset of tummy turbulence towards the end of a yoga class. I couldn’t make it home without a pit stop. Of course, the only bathroom was inside the practice room, separated by a flimsy door. While the class was lying on their mats during a deathly quiet savasana, the sounds of a gastrointestinal apocalypse were coming from the bathroom.

    ~Jenny, Silverlake, CA


    Minsun Park


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