The Best of Everything


Like many fitness fanatics, we’re always looking for the best fitness products. In addition to trying just about everything that comes along (except maybe this contraption – hang in there, the video starts at about :30), we ask our friends and clients, read every magazine, and surf the web regularly. What’s the tastiest protein bar? The most potent energy drink? The best multi-vitamin? And of course, opinions differ. But we do have our favorite trusted sources. So instead of making you spend hours on Google searching for that elusive perfect product, we put together a list of links for you – our favorite… favorites.

The Five Best (and Worst) Nutrition Bars – Our friends at Well+GoodNYC cut through the chaff of sugar-laden bars to get to the wheat (or protein, in this case) of the healthiest and tastiest bars on the market. The gold standard: Kind Blueberry Pecan + Fiber

The Best Energy Drinks – The editors at Refinery29 got hopped up on a dozen energy drinks so you don’t have to. They rate them by taste and effectiveness. Stand-out: Hi-Ball Energy

The Best Protein Powders – worked up a sweat measuring protein powders against each other. With so many out there, and so many ingredients, they narrowed the field for us. Power player: Met-Rx

The Best Workout Supplements – Men’s Fitness highlights the five most important supplements to take if you’re looking to get a great physique. Many of our trainers take all five. Can’t Miss: Fish oil

The Best Running Shoes – We know there will be some controversy here, but fear not: Runner’s World picks the best shoes for all types of runners and all types of feet. Frontrunner: Asics Gel-Cumulus

The Best Sports Bra – we took a hands-off approach to this and let the women at Women’s Health Magazine do the testing. They pick the breast for various cup sizes. The A-List: Lululemon Athletica Flow Y II bra

The Best Smartphone Apps for Runners – We know you run other places than the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp. So when you do, you want to keep it interesting. Men’s Health compiled a list of the best running apps on the road. Leader of the Pack: Runkeeper

The Best Sunscreen for Your Face – You need to protect your face, but you don’t want to slather on the thick, greasy sunscreen you’re using on the rest of your body. Elle Magazine compiled the best sunscreens for your face. Bright Spot: Dr. Jart+

The Best Hair Ties for Your Workout – The last thing you want is your hair getting caught in your resistance bands and getting scalped. What you need is a good hair accessory. Shape Magazine has your hair covered. It’s a tie: Lucy Headband plus 12 others.

The Best Reusable Water Bottles – Real Simple makes it real simple for you with their top seven picks, including the one they think is best for the gym. Holds Water: Autospout Waveland