On the Run – The Travel Workout

Summertime, and the living is done on vacation, business trips, family getaways. Statistically-speaking, summer is one of the most traveled times of the year. It’s also one of the times we most want to stay in shape, since that traveling often includes bathing suit time. Hotel gyms and running trails are fine, but they don’t provide the motivation so many people want from their workout. So if looking at yourself in the full-length mirror in your bathing suit isn’t getting you into that gym, we’ve got the on-the-run workout for you. Barry’s Bootcamp¬†instructor Ricardo Vargas has put together two workouts, one treadmill run for your cardio, and one body-weight exercise for your strength routine – no equipment necessary for that one! Do this routine every other day while you’re traveling and you’ll avoid the shock of coming home to a scale that bursts when you step on it. (Instructions for the workouts on the images).

Or if you want that Barry’s Bootcamp experience with all the encouragement of a trainer next you – virtually, at least – there are always our MP3s. Download a whole week’s worth of workouts for your smart phone or MP3 player and it will almost be like you’re at Barry’s.

ricardo run

photography by Kurt Boomer

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