Pain Relief You Can Swear By

Good news potty mouths! Swearing is not only satisfying, it’s scientifically proven to reduce pain. That’s right b*tches! According to a study published by the Journal of Pain, swearing provides fast, effective and readily available pain relief for people. The only side effects are offending the polite company around you.

How does it work?
In a recent TIME article, “It seems that swearing may help relieve pain by activating the brain’s endogenous opioids, the natural pain-relieving chemicals whose effects on the brain are similar to pain drugs like morphine and oxycodone. “

But not so fast a$$hole – there’s a catch!
“As with opioid drugs, repeated swearing may increase people’s tolerance to their effects, and cause them to need higher “doses” of cursing to achieve the same effect.”

So go ahead and curse out your bootcamp instructor or drop the f-bomb, but do it in moderation.


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