Our New Uniform

On October 4th, 1998, we opened the doors of our West Hollywood studio for the first time. Our iconic logo, the Barry’s Bootcamp dog tag, hung proudly on the wall. The dog tag logo has served on active duty for 15 years, but even the best soldiers have to retire someday, and today, a fresh-faced new replacement has arrived. We’d like to introduce you to the new Barry’s Bootcamp brand. And the logo is just the beginning…


There’s probably no greater physical training than armed forces boot camp, and from the very first business plan that co-founder Barry Jay wrote up on a legal pad, the military theme has been a part of Barry’s Bootcamp. So while the dog tag may be getting an honorable discharge, the new identity is still firmly rooted in a militaristic aesthetic – but updated with a modern, fresh approach. The ubiquitous Stencil font has been streamlined with a new custom-crafted typeface that draws inspiration from timeless industrial letterforms. Serving as our new “A” is our “stripes” badge, a symbol inspired by generations of military insignia. This fresh design will be popping up on our clothing, in our studios, and elsewhere. You’ll also notice our new truncated “BB” logo variation, giving the brand greater branding flexibility while serving as an iconic and succinct badge of honor to represent Barry’s Bootcamp with pride. The updated result is a cleanly nuanced look that is strong, stylish, confident and subtly sporty—not merely raw testosterone. This new direction brings the brand visually up-to-speed with where Barry’s and its core of faithful followers had been evolving over the years. One thing remains untouched—it’s still the Best Workout in the World!


Why now? Over the past two years, Barry’s Bootcamp has grown from four Southern California locations to ten worldwide locations with two more in Boston and Miami Beach set to open shortly. It was time for a new vision to unify the brand. Enter Christopher Ayres. Christopher was a Creative Director at noted agency MRY when Barry’s Bootcamp marched into Chelsea, our first New York location. He soon became obsessed with the workout and community, and couldn’t help but reimagine the brand while mid-workout (clearly we need to give him heavier weights). On his own time, he conceived, sketched, and fully created a revolutionary new visual design system for Barry’s Bootcamp, and we had no choice but to hire him as quickly as possible.


Christopher will continue to chisel the new look of Barry’s as our new Creative Director and has been busy collaborating in house with our executive staff on a complete reboot of our merchandise to embody the strong, sexy look of the new logo. (And a Bootcamper’s body). Expect more innovative fabrics, edgier fashion-forward aesthetics, and a heavier rotation of new designs. The first wave hits most locations today. And that’s not all. Over the coming months, we will also be re-outfitting our studio locations, redesigning our website and mobile experience from the ground up for optimized class reservations, as well as updating all of our social media channels.


We’re suited up and ready to engage! Thank you for enlisting in this tour of duty with us. The best is yet to come.