Three + (Add-Ins) Ingredient Pumpkin Pancakes

Fall mornings are made for fluffy yet crispy-on-the-edges, pumpkin pancakes, hot off the griddle and drizzled with maple syrup. But like most busy, health-conscious types, we shake off those urges and whip up an egg-white omelette instead. But we can make your pumpkin pancake porn fantasies a reality. Trust us, this recipe tastes sinful, but it’s healthy and totally guilt-free. You can indulge morning, noon and night, without any of the drama or self-loathing afterwards.

Not only is it high in protein, low in calories and packed with pumpkin powered iron and vitamins – there are only four ingredients, which makes for a satisfying quickie breakfast, even on the most hectic weekday mornings.

INGREDIENTS (makes one serving of 8 pancakes, approximately 3-inches-in-diameter).

¼ cup pumpkin puree
1 egg
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (optional, but recommended)


Preheat skillet or griddle to medium heat.

Measure and combine all ingredients and add-ins (if using) into mixing bowl and stir until you get a smooth pancake batter texture without lumps.


Spray or oil pan with cooking lubricant of choice. I used Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Cooking Spray, FYI.



Using a tablespoon, pour about three tablespoons worth of the pancake batter into the oiled hot pan or griddle. This is merely the suggested size since smaller pancakes are just easier to flip without falling apart.

If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can use pancake molds. Since it’s Halloween month, I used these fun skull pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma.

When the pancakes bubble and the bubbles burst, leaving behind those tiny holes, it’s time to flip them and brown the other side.



Serve and om-nom-nom-nom.

The best thing about these pancakes? There are endless variations and tweaks you can make to the basic recipe to boost the nutritional content and flavor to your dietary preferences.


Pure maple syrup
Nut butters
Low-fat whipped cream
Greek Yogurt
Fresh fruit (bananas, berries, hot apples)
Pumpkin butter (Trader Joe’s brand is divine), but you can make your own with a little pumpkin puree + honey or brown sugar to taste.


1 scoop protein powder for ¼ cup of oats/almond flour/coconut flour
Pumpkin puree for 1 mashed banana OR 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce. (We get it, not everybody likes pumpkin).


1 tablespoon chia seeds (this nutritional powerhouse has a texture similar to poppy seeds)
1 tablespoon of flax seed powder
Chopped nuts of choice
Dark chocolate chips
Pumpkin Pie Spice

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