Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics

Don’t sweat your gift list this year: give the gift of health to your fitness-minded friends and family. Whether they do Barry’s Bootcamp, run, Crossfit, cycle or do sun salutations, here are some prezzies that will impress and stay out of your next white elephant gift exchange.

For the Frugal Fitness Fashionista

FABLETICS gift card

Actress Kate Hudson recently co-founded Fabletics, a hip and affordable athletic apparel and accessories line that is available online. It uses a shopping platform that suggests a monthly outfit personalized for each woman based on a lifestyle quiz. Each piece is under $100 and buyers have an option of a VIP membership to receive regular discounts and free shipping. Gift cards are available starting at $50 – which is good for a whole outfit! Now that’s a bargain.

Kate Hudson wearing Fabletics gear.

Kate Hudson wearing Fabletics gear.

For the Sore (Weight) Loser

Spafinder Gift Card

Since sore is the new sexy, a massage is always appreciated. At Spafinder, you can purchase a gift certificate for a massage that can be redeemed at 20,000 spa locations worldwide. Simply type in the recipients zip code and the Spafinder will suggest a list of spa and wellness centers you can select from.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

For the Bootcamper

Barry’s Bootcamp Gift Cards and/or DVD’s

Well, this is a no-brainer. Give the gift of health and happiness to a loved one who may need a little tough love to meet their New Year’s resolutions.


For those who don’t live near a Barry’s Bootcamp location, (or those who have to travel) how about a DVD that brings the world’s best workout to your home or hotel room? If you want to give fancy, Hollywood’s Secret Weapon Deluxe Version DVD for $59.95 includes:

A Full Month’s Workout Program
2 Fat Blaster DVD’s with Mission Specialist Workout.
Code Red Workout DVD
Transformer Workout Ball
Power Handles with Two Resistance Bands
Barry’s Best Diet Program

Booty Camp workout DVD
Booty Band resistance band
Red and Orange resistance bands to kick your workout up to the next level!

For the Hangry Type

NatureBox subscription

All that working out can make them perpetually peckish and a monthly subscription for $19.95 a month delivers a box of healthy, nutritionist-approved snacks to their home or office. Everybody loves to snack and giving the gift of guilt-free snacking during the holiday season instead of the usual Christmas cookies will be a welcome relief.

For the Yogi

Customized Yoga Mat (

Help your yogi mark their territory in class with a personalized yoga mat for $40. Select from 20 mat colors and your choice of thread shade and embroidery script to monogram initials or a name on the top of the yoga mat. For an extra $30, you can even throw in a customized carrying bag. If you’re feeling indecisive, you can also purchase a gift card and let the yogi have all the fun in creating their own mat.


For the Smoothie Operator

Vitamix Professional Series 750

Fitness fanatics love them some smoothies, especially if they have to choke down lots of protein powder. There’s no shortage of blenders on the market, but if you really want to splurge, you can’t do better than the Vitamix Professional Series 750, which is the Mercedes Benz of Blenders. (Vitamix Professional Series 750″ target=”_blank”>$649.95)

Vitamix Pro Series 750

Vitamix Pro Series 750

If a $700 blender, isn’t in your gift-giving budget, there are more affordable alternatives that are almost as powerful.

The NutriBullet by Magic Bullet ($99, available at Target)

Small but mighty, the extractor blade blends, extracts, chops, grinds and shreds seeds, stems and skins with ease. Plus, you can drink right out of the single-serving size canister.


Oster Versa Performance Blender, $297 at

This 1400-watt blender promises a professional quality blender at a fraction of the cost.

For the Gadget Geek

Nike + FuelBand SE in Limited Edition Rose Gold, $169 at

In addition to tracking NikeFuel points (their way of measuring movements for all kinds of different activities), it counts steps, tracks the intensity of your workouts and even your sleep. Oh, and it tells time too.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Sport Watch, $199.00 at

This is the world’s first strapless heart rate monitor that can be worn as a sleek-looking watch instead of those uncomfortable chest straps that end up looking like bandeau bra tops on shirtless men.

For the eco-conscious, nature lover or cook

AquaFarm Self-Cleaning Fish Tank and Farm, $59.99 at

This is the perfect green gift for kids or grownups that demonstrates the scientific principle of aquaponics – a closed loop sustainable farming system that is a lovechild of aquaculture (raising aquatic animals like fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). Or in layman’s terms: a self-cleaning fish tank. The fish poops and this acts as fertilizer for the plants so you get the benefits of an indoor herb garden without ever watering them or having to clean the fish tank. Genius, right?

For the workaholic

Ergotron Workfit-P Sit-Stand Workstation, $259.00 at

Sitting hunched over your computer for hours on end takes an unhealthy toll on your body, yet standing on your feet all day isn’t fun either. Now you can alternate between the two. This adjustable platform turns any desk into sit-stand workstation with a desk clamp, swiveling arm and platform for your laptop, notebook or drawing pad.

For the tea drinker

Bodum’s Tea for One, $18 at

Actually, everybody should be drinking more tea since it’s scientifically proven to be all kinds of awesome for your health thanks to its free-radical fighting, fat burning, exercise-endurance-increasing and cancer-fighting benefits. But it can be kind of a pain to brew and drink on the run. But Bodum’s Tea for One has a built-in strainer for loose-leaf teas and a silicone lid (that doubles as a trivet/saucer for the strainer when the tea is done brewing).