The Barry’s Bootcamp Dictionary

Every culture has its own dialect, and Barry’s Bootcamp is no different. Over the past 15 years, trainers and bootcampers have added numerous special phrases to the Barry’s lexicon. So here, for both new recruits and veterans, is a compendium of terminology, a Barry’s Bootcamp Dictionary. What would you add to this list?

Academy – Bootcampers have the option of joining “academies” every month. Basically, it’s the most cost-effective way to get your regular Barry’s fix. Academies start the first Monday of every month and members have the option of 3, 4 or 5 days a week for the entire month.

“Almost Done!” – translation: instructor speak for really only halfway done, don’t get your hopes up.

Arms and Abs Day – Mondays to non-Bootcampers.

Backwards – Running backwards on the treadmill. Sometimes, done in dynamic mode.

Bands – Rubber resistance bands with handles that come in three colors: red (beginners), blue (intermediate) and purple (advanced, or as Martin George, the General Manager of Los Angeles locations likes to say: “Purple is for Penis.”)

Bench – These black step platforms on risers are used to perform an infinite variety of strength training exercises. Basic etiquette requires that bootcampers stand on the right side of their bench when facing the mirrors in some locations (Los Angeles, for example) and the left side in other locations (New York, for example).

Booty bands – A red looped resistance band that is secured around your ankles with Velcro. It looks like an S & M toy, but it will kick your booty into high gear.

Butt & Legs Day – Tuesday

Body Bars – They come in red, blue and green or light, medium and heavy.

Chest & Back Day – Also known as Hump Day.

Deskers – The lovely, shiny, happy people that check you in at the reception area.

Dirty 30 – This much-dreaded 30 consecutive minutes on the treadmill used to be the standard during the first few years of Barry’s Bootcamp. Now it’s broken up into shorter intervals such as…

5 on / 5 off – 5 minutes on the treadmills / 5 minutes doing floor work. Lather, rinse, repeat.

10 on / 10 off – You get the idea (see above).

Double floor – No treadmill, all strength/resistance training.

Dynamic mode – Woodway treadmills have the special feature allowing “treaders” to manually push the running belt during the workout. This is called “dynamic mode.” To engage dynamic mode, the running belt must be stopped and you have to hold both the FAST and SLOW keys down simultaneously for approximately five seconds.

Floor – Bootcampers using weights and other equipment during the strength-training portion of the class, aka floor work.

Fuel bar – The in-house protein shakes and smoothie bar inside select locations.

Full Body day – Arguably the hardest day of the week, expect a full body smack-down.

Hardcore day – Thursdays. Insert porny jokes here.

HAND WEIGHTS (as suggested by the official Barry’s Bootcamp trainer handbook)

Ladies: 5 lbs.
Gents: 10 lbs.

Ladies: 8-10 lbs.
Gents: 15-20 lbs.

Ladies: 12-15 lbs.
Gents: 25-30 lbs, ** Chest Press Heavy = 40-50 lbs.

Hell Week – Depending on locations, 5- 7 days straight of Barry’s Bootcamp at a special rate.

Recovery – That 30-60 second, pseudo-break between runs or floor work. A total misnomer, more like the uneasy calm between storms.

Treaders – Bootcampers on the treadmill.

Not You Treadmill/Floor, Keep going – The instructor is counting down the seconds of torture you have to endure, but whoops, she or he is always talking to the OTHER group, who always gets to finish before you do.

TREADMILL SPEEDS (as suggested by the official Barry’s Bootcamp trainer handbook)

Beginners: 5.0
Intermediate: 6.0
Advanced: 7.0

Beginners: 6.0
Intermediate: 7.0
Advanced: 8.0

Beginners: 7.0
Intermediate: 8.0
Advanced: 9.0

Beginner 8.0
Intermediate 9.0 or above
Advanced 10.0 or above

The Yellow Line: Stay behind it to avoid getting munched by a moving treadmill.


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