Everyone needs a little motivation. It might be a pair of jeans you’re trying to fit into again. It might be a 5K time you want to beat. It might be that neighbor in her yoga pants who gives you the once over every time she says “good morning” to make sure you aren’t skinnier than her. A good trainer knows this. A good trainer is a master at motivating you. A good trainer has at least one great fitness mantra up his/her sleeve just waiting for the moment you need it most. So we asked our trainers for their best motivational sayings, the fitness mantras that they adhere to, that motivate them. So here, for your motivational needs, are the best of the best. Next time you’re struggling to finish that sprint, next time you can’t do another burpee, imagine your favorite mantra from this list being screamed in your ear. Just don’t bring this list with you – friends don’t let friends run with laptops.


Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone – otherwise you’d already have it.

– Barry Jay


Think of your happy place. Good. Now imagine it burn. That’s the feeling I want you to feel.

– Christian Basto, Los Angeles


Why work hard? So you look good naked with the lights ON!

– Joe Buffa, New York City


Put your mind where your muscle is!

– Lindsay Clayton, New York City


If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

– Allie Cohen, West Hollywood


There is nobody in this city working and pushing harder then you!

– Antonio Compton, Nashville


Make yourself a little uncomfortable. THAT is what it takes to really change.

– Megan Conner, Nashville


Don’t ruin what you do in the gym with your diet. It’s a waste of my time and yours!

– Matt Conrad, Los Angeles


You already possess everything you need to change your life.

– Seth Gee, Los Angeles

I’m going to push you, because if you didn’t want to work hard, there are about 100 other workouts you could’ve chosen.

– Joey Gonzalez, New York City


Only about 5% of the population work out like this. You are in an elite group. That’s amazing! BE AMAZING!

– Martin George, Los Angeles


Cottage cheese is good to eat, but not good to look at. Work that ass!

– Scott Haddock, Los Angeles


Show me a speed you are proud of!

– Nancy Halterman, Irvine


Don’t leave here with regrets!

– Kim Hughes


Hate it now, love it later!

– Rhonda Hurt, New York City


Get out of your head and into your body!

– Rebecca Kennedy, New York City


You’re one squat closer to perfection.

– Anya Lahiri, London


 Being hung over is not an injury.

– Astrid McGuire


Your body is gonna thank you tomorrow!

– Todd Mendiola, New York City


When you feel like you want to stop, DONT! Push your body further than it’s gone before. That’s when you get fitter!

– Michelle Moore, Los Angeles

You act right, you look right.  You act right, you feel right.

– Noah Douglas Neiman, New York City


No one wants you because you look hydrated! Put the water down and pick up the weights.

– Courtney Paul, New York City


Train fierce to look fierce.

– Amber Rees, New York City


Any blocks you have were created by you. Only you can take them away.

– Joey Rubino, Los Angeles


Don’t walk away from your workout wishing you did more. Walk away knowing you did everything you could.

– Derrick Sobotka, San Diego


The way you workout is the way you live.

– Erik Steffens, Los Angeles


Earn the burn!

– Olly Truelove, London


If it ain’t burning, it ain’t working!

– Ricardo Vargas, Los Angeles


As it gets harder, we get stronger.

– Brian Weller, Boston


Only take a break if you’ve earned it.

– Amzie Williams, Nashville



Burpees don’t like you either.

– Allie Cohen, Los Angeles