Shake Up Your Winter Workout!


Travel, cold temperatures, and inclement weather can put a serious damper on your workout routine. In the dead of winter, most people would rather stay inside and curl up under a warm blanket with a movie and comfort food, even in warmer climates. If you feel yourself lacking motivation to exercise, resist the temptation to hibernate with these simple tips for keeping your workout fresh and interesting.

Do what you like

Choose workouts and activities you enjoy. Studies show you’ll be more likely to stick with your exercise program if it doesn’t feel like a chore; and you won’t be watching the clock or counting down the minutes until it’s over. For example, if you’re not into swimming, doing laps in the pool won’t feel satisfying or rewarding. Stick with activities that will keep you focused and committed.

Set goals

Early in the year is the perfect time to set goals. Goals establish intention, which lead to inspired action. Be specific and realistic about your goals. Assess all your priorities and commitments for the year and then decide what you’d like to accomplish and in what time frame. Whether it’s a marathon in November or getting to Barry’s Bootcamp three times per week, decide exactly what it’ll take to achieve your goal. Then make a plan to be successful.

Schedule it in

When I work with my clients, I encourage them to schedule exercise commitments into their calendar at the beginning of each week. Like an important board meeting or even a vacation, when it’s on your calendar, you’ll be more likely to stick to it rather than tempted to re-schedule it.

Buddy up

If you dread working out alone, stay motivated with a friend who has similar goals. Group classes or joining a team or group are also good ways to keep you accountable to people with common interests.

Aim for variety

Winter weather means your workouts may be confined indoors. That’s no reason to be a slave to the treadmill. Add in high intensity intervals or try the stairclimber or rower instead. Even something as simple as switching up your music can revive a tired workout. Mixing up your routine will challenge your muscles in new ways for faster, more noticeable results. [Editor’s Note: Try out some new days you don’t usually attend at Barry’s Bootcamp. If you’re an arms/abs regular, try legs/butt day on Tuesday to shake things up.]

No gym, no problem

Don’t let travel be an excuse to skip out on a sweat session. Take your workout with you. Scour the internet or magazines to find short or no-equipment workouts that can be done anywhere and with limited time, like this one from Ricardo Vargas. Create a Pinterest board like this one or this one that you can access on your phone to use as a quick reference on the road. Stash items in your luggage like resistance bands and workout DVDs that won’t take up space. And of course, with 12 locations in 5 states and 2 countries, make sure to hit up a Barry’s Bootcamp if your travels take you there. And if you’re somewhere without your favorite gym, you can always download some Barry’s Bootcamp MP3s which contain Barry’s-style workouts that you can do at any gym.


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Marissa Vicario is a certified health and wellness coach and the founder of Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!). She works with women to help them transform their relationship with food. Click here to Get Marissa’s tips for how to look and feel your best without starving yourself, plastic surgery and all that other nonsense. Follow her blog at