What Does a Top Trainer Eat?


It may be a fitfluential celebrity trainer’s job to be fit, but they also face the same real world challenges to eat healthily when things get hectic. Running around all day training clients, teaching classes and trying to squeeze in their own training sessions doesn’t allow much time for sit-down meals or lunch hours that many office workers get.

Ever wonder what “fast foods” they eat to fuel them through a sweaty, crazy day? Barry Jay, co-founder of Barry’s Bootcamp and Rebecca Kennedy, Barry’s Bootcamp NYC trainer and fitness model share their typical “day in the life” food menu.


BARRY JAY, co-founder of Barry’s Bootcamp


Well, I am a creature of habit with food, which I think can be a good thing because there’s rarely any hunger confusion.

I live 80% of my diet using the Paleo guidelines. I watch calories because at the end of the day it’s calories in and calories out. I keep my carbs low, but I do eat them. My carbs are usually fruits and green veggies. I do love bacon, but a lot less intake these days, and it’s on “the list” of things that are going.

I pretty much go for foods that are hormone free and chemical free. I love the words “organic” and “all natural” on my food labels. I like to be able to read every ingredient and know what it is. Yes, there are some exceptions, but generally speaking, I live under those guidelines.

Egg whites with tomato and basil, with a side of turkey bacon.

Most days I don’t eat a full meal called lunch. Instead I graze throughout the day – so there’s really no snacking either. I just eat a little something every 2-3 hours, which include:
Tuna (rarely but sometimes)
Apple with almond butter
Protein Shake (made with unsweetened almond milk)

If I do have a lunch, I usually have in the house a bag of spinach leaves, chicken (Trader Joes Just Chicken) and some other fun things to toss in there. I use oil only for dressing and I can make this salad in 5 minutes or less and it’s great. If I don’t finish it, I put it away and munch on it later.

I LOVE breakfast and often have it for dinner. Egg whites with chicken and broccoli is typical and when I eat out (which happens quite often), I will order a salad with chicken.

Chicken and eggs (egg whites) are the staples of my regular days. When I’m in NY, I love hitting the fuel bar for the Simply PB shake and many times, without the banana.

For fruit, I will eat apples and tomatoes with my eggs or salads. Avocado is GREAT for salads and yes, I do eat them plain and whole as a “snack.”

As my “cheat” I love frozen yogurt. It’s not the “healthiest” and certainly doesn’t fall under the guidelines of no chemicals – but I also don’t think a few times a week is gonna do any damage. I tend to go in waves. Obviously, during the colder months, I barely think about it.

I do allow myself a flex meal a week. I don’t actually feel good if I go overboard with it, so I keep it portion controlled. I may have a slice of cake from M Cafe (no refined sugar, no dairy) or I might go to the ‘bread” – which I stay away from on a regular basis but I do love it! So once in a great while, that’s my cheat meal (burger, or a club sandwich).

I do make sure I earn my cheat meals though (i.e. workouts happen, good week of eating). So, for example, my cheat meal is on Saturdays, but I already “cheated” on Thursday – oops! That’s it! No second cheat meal!

I prefer to eat before I’m actually hungry. My “goal” (doesn’t always happen) is to not get hungry. Hunger isn’t good. It means we are starving our body. I don’t want my body to feed on muscle in that time frame and when blood sugars drop, the choices to eat whatever enter into the mind – and maybe soon into the body! So I eat because I should eat every 2-3 hours and then I don’t deal with “hunger” on a regular basis. Of course, the real trick is to go shopping and have what I like accessible to me at home so I don’t get too hungry and sacrifice my chosen guidelines.

– I stop eating 3 hours before bed.
– I don’t skip meals
– I drink water and ice tea only (and unsweetened almond milk for protein shakes). If I have a protein bar (rarely do) it’s usually a Think Thin bar.

Now around the holidays – all bets are off. If I travel somewhere fun and want to try the foods of their land – I go for it (doing the best I can to adhere to the above)!


REBECCA KENNEDY is a top trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, dancer, fitness model and Nike Ambassador Trainer.

My food philosophy is simple: Eat consciously. Eat everything that grows in the ground or on a tree, local and wild pasture. Fit for life.

Breakfast is fruit. My favorite meal is a smoothie made in the Nutribullet. Here’s on of my typical smoothies:
4 strawberries
1 banana
½ cup blueberries
1 cup of spinach
2 tbsp walnuts
a sprinkle of cinnamon
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 tbs hemp seeds
½ cup coconut water
1/3 cup coconut milk

And obviously, coffee! It’s part of my blood stream. My bootcampers don’t want to see me without one!


I’ll have salad first with lots of veggies, a little avocado and sunflower seeds. (No meat, no dairy).

Celery sticks with almond butter.

I always have a protein and two sides of veggies. For example, a grilled chicken breast with butternut squash and lemon asparagus or a beef shoulder tenderloin with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato.

I drink about 3 liters of water throughout the day taking a yoga class, bootcamp class and teaching bootcamp classes!

Sweat, refuel and repeat.

I usually have some form of chocolate daily. I workout to eat out because I love food and food loves me. My cheat day is more exciting than my birthday.


“Power and Empower.” That is what Rebecca stands for. A Barry’s Bootcamp top trainer and Nike Ambassador Trainer, Rebecca strives to improve every client’s life both physically and beyond. Not only that, she creates a mean playlist. Let her newest playlist power you up and empower you to push yourself to the limits. As a former NFL Cheerleader, USA gymnast and professional dancer, fitness has always been a Rebecca’s passion. She believes the benefit of physical fitness is more than just looking good, it’s feeling good. She is living proof that fitness is a way of life! Never stagnant and always driven, Kennedy holds a Bachelor’s in Dance from Dean College and both AFAA & NASM certifications. Rebecca always brings incredibly fresh programs to every class with high energy that will motivate, challenge, and inspire you to be better than you were yesterday. With such accomplishments under her belt, Rebecca recently “bottled” her charisma and energy by creating and hosting the dvd ‘Women’s Health Ultimate Abs Workout’!

Kennedy’s goal is to work all of your muscles, including your brain. Being educated about your body and understanding it on a deeper level is a crucial step in leading a healthier life. “The body is a beautiful thing that needs to be treated with kindness and, a MEAN workout and CLEAN diet ARE acts of kindness!!!” Check out her website for more recipes and some serious ab-spiration. You can also find Rebecca on Facebook. [/two_thirds]

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