Astrid McGuire and Joel Rush “Lose It For Love” on The Doctors

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Could you lose it for love? Barry’s Bootcamp LA-based trainers Astrid McGuire and Joel Rush were the featured fitness trainers on The Doctors first-ever episode of “Lose It For Love” Boot Camp. Two married couples teamed up against each other, forming a “Red Team” and a “Blue Team” to lose weight and rekindle their romantic relationships during a 6-week bootcamp.



BLUE TEAM – Amber and Marvin
Amber and Marvin have been married for six years and have two children. This mom can’t wait to fit into her smaller clothes again and look “slammin’ ” and this former athlete wants to regain his former physique when he ran track and played football. They both want to “get their sexy back.”

Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, Joel Rush got them hot and sweaty and helped them lose a combined total of 59 lbs. Joel’s exercise prescription: “That stress that you have from raising the kids – we are going to transfer that into family building activities that are based around physical fitness. We just want efficient effective and affordable workouts. You don’t have to be a gym rat to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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RED TEAM – Lori and Oscar

Lori is a former prom queen and cancer survivor who gained 50 lbs. Oscar noticed that he packed on the pounds after the birth of their second child. Both want to improve their health in order to be there for their children since they had them later in life and to instill those healthy habits in them.

Astrid gave the low-down on her team’s performance. “My team started off strong coming to my classes at Barry’s Bootcamp in the beginning but a lot of “life things” were getting in the way…I then prescribed them at home workouts that they could do with body weight exercises, cardio like jumping jacks, stairs (they said their home had lots of stairs!), 1-mile walk/jog intervals around their neighborhood. Being a part of The Doctors was a great experience but it goes to show you that results don’t just happen by themselves. It takes discipline and dedication to achieve weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.”

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The two couples lost a combined total of 136 pounds and jump-started their journey to healthy living for themselves and their families.

Who lost the most for love? Watch this clip to find out. Or read more about it on the Doctors website.

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