The Best Post-Workout Meals Near Chelsea, NYC

Today we bring you the 2nd installment of our series in collaboration with Taste Savant about the best post-workout meals to be found near Barry’s Bootcmap locations. This week, it’s the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC, home of our first New York studio. If you haven’t heard of Taste Savant – it is THE place to start any search before dining out. They compile all the best critic, chef and industry expert reviews for only the very best restaurants. Taste Savant does all the work for you and more – providing menus, reservations through OpenTable, delivery by Seamless and GrubHub. You name it. Currently Taste Savant covers the Barry’s Bootcamp cities of Los Angeles, New York and Boston, with more coming soon.

For Barry’s COO Joey Gonzalez‘s personal picks in NYC, check out his reviews!


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1. Hu Kitchen
Hu Kitchen is getting tons of buzz. Located in Union Square, their philosophy is to serve the best for you, no ifs ands or buts. It’s a favorite of Barry’s COO, Joey Gonzalez and just a 10 minute walk from Barry’s Chelsea.

hu kitchen food4 - paul timeout

Why Go – Their philosophy: unprocessed, quality ingredients (organic & non-GMO when possible), veggie focused, while minimizing grains and eating clean. You really can’t go wrong.
Post-Bootcamp Worthy – Everything! (photo credit: Paul Wagtouicz, Time Out)




2. El Quinto Pino
Chosen for the Eater 38 (Eater New York’s list of must-see restaurants), El Quinto Pino is not one to miss. Let your heart and mind roam as you tuck into one of the “most authentic, tapas restaurants in the city” according to the Village Voice. It’s healthy eating without sacrifice.


Why Go – Small plates make for perfect portion control and a quick post-workout chat.
Post-Bootcamp Worthy – Xato (raw salt cod and chicory salad), Lentejas (Basque lentil soup), Revuelto Ortiguilla (scrambled eggs with sea anemone).



3. The NoMad
Recommended by both the Michelin Guide and the New York Times, The NoMad is the perfect combination of classic yet excitingly innovative cooking. Bring a partner and indulge in a lean, mean, high-protein meal.


Why Go – Classy and chic interiors paired with glorious food makes this an excellent option for a ‘treat yo’self!’ dinner, with options for the health conscious.
Post-Bootcamp Worthy – Roast Chicken for Two, Slow-Cooked Cod, Slow-Cooked Egg with Mushrooms, Tuna Tartare



4. Sweetgreen
Enough of boring, dull salads at the corner store. Sweetgreen is reinventing the salad bar, and making it more exciting than ever. Indulge in a creamy, decadent salad courtesy of some guacamole and wash it down with New York Magazine recommended lemonade.


Why Go – Their compartmentalized set-up makes it easy to fix up a salad for every imaginable diet
Post-Bootcamp Worthy – Misoba (mesclun and soba salad), Guacamole Greens, Spicy Sabzi (organic baby spinach with spicy quinoa)





5. City Bakery
Buffets are typically a source of pure pain, but City Bakery brings us pure pleasure. There are so many options for healthy salads and entrees. We can’t get enough of this place. The unique restaurant is a top spot for dates according to How About We,  and one of Chef Sara Jenkins of Porchetta’s favorites.


Why Go
– There’s really nothing like City Bakery and it’s revolutionized cafeteria-style dining
Post-Bootcamp Worthy – Shrimp Skewers, Green Pea Crusted Chicken, Japanese Hummus With Tempeh Crackers (photo credit: USA Today)