12 MORE Signs You’re Addicted to Barry’s Bootcamp

12SignsYoureAddictedToBarrys-PartIIApparently there are a lot of addicts out there. Our 1st edition of 12 Signs You’re Addicted to Barry’s Bootcamp was our most popular post ever, so we HAD to come out with a sequel. So here it is, 12 Signs You’re Addicted to Barry’s Bootcamp, Part Deux.

1. You only vacation where there are Barry’s locations.

2. Only when you work out at non-Barry’s gyms do you realize that it’s NOT normal to run backwards on the treadmill.

3. You wanted that new job but it would mean less Barry’s so no thanks.

4. You spend your holidays with other Barry’s clients instead of your own family. #fitfam

5. You do other workouts on your “rest day.”

6. You’re racing the guy on the next treadmill, even if he doesn’t know it.

7. Three lunches this week consisted of a Simply PB shake.

8. You insist that bootcamp is one word.

9. You don’t just curl those shopping bags, you pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse…

10. Any countdown (microwave timer, crosswalk sign, New Year’s Eve) makes you break out in a cold sweat #flashback

11. Road rage has got nothing on treadmill rage. (“Dynamic mode is NOT a recovery!”)

12. So. Much. Laundry.


Minsun Park


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