Fit Fetishes


We see a lot of health and fitness gear walk in and out of the studios, and we get sent a fair share of products. By 2015, the fitness gear market is projected to reach $126 BILLION! So many products – how do you find the ones that are worth your dough? Here’s the first in a series of posts about our favorite healthy obsessions, the stuff that really gets our hearts racing. These are our random fit fetishes of the moment.




Now that Spring has sprung (finally), it’s time to get serious about sunscreen. Technically, we should always be using a daily sunscreen, but you knew that, right? But did you know that you’re supposed to reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours?

I have extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin so I can’t use any kind of chemical sunscreen without getting a rash on my face or neck. And living in sunny So Cal, a daily SPF 30, even to sit at the computer is a health and beauty necessity – if staying melanoma and wrinkle-free is a priority.

I’m a big fan of sunscreen sticks because they’re portable and easy to reapply throughout the day. But the downside to most zinc oxide-based sunscreen is the whitish mask that makes me look like a Kabuki character, if I don’t spend the extra time to rub it in properly. Alternatively, even if I do use a sunscreen stick that isn’t zinc oxide based, I’m left with a greasy, sticky residue on my face that attracts bugs and dirt. A Sophie’s Choice of sunscreen. You just can’t win.

I originally picked up Elemental Herbs Sunstick at Adventure 16 when I was getting ready for a vacation to Mexico and wanted a coral reef friendly sunscreen to use while snorkeling. When I first applied it, I expected to spend an extra few minutes for the required blend-in rubdown. But to my amazement, it glided on perfectly matte and transparent. No extra rubbing necessary. If you have small kids like I do, you will LOVE the ease that this glides on without having to put them in a headlock.

Plus, it’s eco-friendly and full of natural, non-toxic ingredients like coconut oils and jojoba oil which is why this sunstick made Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) “Best Sunscreen” list.
Zinc oxide is EWG’s first choice for sun protection because it is stable in sunlight and can provide greater protection from UVA rays than titanium oxide or any other sunscreen chemical. It also comes in a tube version (note, I haven’t tried it personally) but it’s also on the EWG list for Best Sunscreens.

I have several tubes at all times, one in my purse and several for my kids and at $7.99 a pop, it’s wallet-friendly as well. It’s my holy grail of sunscreen. Plus, the faint coconut smell is tropical without being overpowering.


Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush


Between Barry’s Bootcamp and training for my 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I am perpetually sore and bruised from receiving an errant kick or practicing a take down. My gym bag always contains a tube of arnica gel and Tiger Balm. But I really hate having stinky Tiger Balm as my signature scent.

I was shopping for a muscle-ache relieving bath bomb at Lush (Big Blue, is the bomb, BTW, but that’s another review) when the uber-chipper sales girl recommended this Fair Trade Foot Lotion to me. She told me that local cross fitters, yogis and spinners were flocking into the store and applying it all over their bodies, not just their feet.

Since the first ingredient after water is Arnica – a perennial herb that’s been used for centuries for muscles aches and bruises, I thought I’d give it a try. After the first night of applying it almost everywhere from the neck down, especially on some giant bruises on my wrists from practicing Tae Kwon Do wrist grabs with my gorilla-handed classmates, I was hooked. My bruises visibly faded and my tight muscles felt noticeably looser the next morning. The double-mint action of spearmint and peppermint oils have a warming effect on muscles so I also rub it in pre-workout like I used to do with Tiger Balm, without the sinus and room clearing effect of camphor and menthol.

It’s not the cheapest at $23.95, but the tub is almost 8-ounces and despite all-over-body usage, I’m only halfway through the tub after a couple of months.
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.43.38 PM


You stink. That’s not an insult, just a fact of life (if you work out as hard as you should.). Sometimes you don’t have time to shower off after a workout, but you should always make time to be clean. (And trust us, that Axe body spray isn’t turning any heads, at least not in the way you want). Enter Niche for Men Face & Body Deodorizing Wipes. There are some other great unisex wipes out there (especially the Yes To line), but if you don’t want to smell like blueberries, Niche is a nice alternative. Each wipe is individually packed, so you don’t have to deal with dried out wipes. And each towelette is relatively huge, at 10”x12”. They contain ginseng, aloe vera, and a scent that’s masculine but not overpowering. We keep a pack in our gym bag and our office drawer for every need-to-be-fresh occasion.


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