Stop Skipping the Most Important Workout Days!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to wo(man) up and do the workout you avoid the most at the gym. That’s right, we’re looking at you. Ladies: you need to stop skipping Chest & Back day. Gentlemen: you need to step it up and come to Legs & Butt day. But whyyyyy!? We’re so glad you asked.


Men don’t want to spend the time to working on their legs when they can be working on the showier muscles in their upper body. Plus, it hurts like &%$! But aside from looking like a lollipop, this can cause serious imbalances. And you’re neglecting some serious benefits.

Unless you’re going for that chicken legs look, the benefits go way beyond aesthetics. Your lower half is comprised of the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, adductors, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, which collectively make up the largest muscle group in your body!

Your increased metabolism from building lean muscle in the biggest muscle group in your body means that even when you’re not working out, you’ll burn more calories. And more calories burned means shedding that outer layer of fat that your six-pack is hiding under.

According to Alex Sapot, Barry’s Bootcamp Los Angeles Trainer, the legs are the foundation for all strength. “A tree is only as strong as its roots. Regular lower body strength training increases bone strength, improves balance and stamina and decreases risk of injury to your knees and hips.”


“You’re not going to turn into a body builder with no boobs and crazy-bulky back muscles by coming to chest and back day. We don’t lift heavy enough weights at Barry’s. Even grabbing those 25 lb dumbbells will not make you bulky. We design our classes to give lean, sexy physiques. The mix of high intensity cardio training with high reps will do nothing more than act as a non-surgical boob lift while molding that sexy back” reassures Michelle Moore, Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer Miami Beach.

That’s right, ladies, it’s possible to defy gravity and perk up the girls by strengthening those pectoral muscles that lie underneath them and strengthening your back (while avoiding a future dowager’s hump).

Chest & back day shirkers at the gym are also missing out on the calorie-torching benefits of building metabolically active muscles in your back and pecs. If you’re self-conscious about the stubborn fat that lurks near armpits and bra bulges along the back, it’s even more pressing for you to do those chest presses and rows to look pec-tacular in a tank top or backless dress this summer.

But most importantly, building a strong chest and back improves posture and prevents back injuries. Most of us spend way too much time hunched over computer keyboards and our smart phones and have chronic neck and back pains as a result.

Life is about achieving balance and the same goes for your physique. Muscular imbalances in your body can wreck your body. So don’t just do the workout you want to do, suck it up and do the workout that you need to do.

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