Meet the San Francisco Giants of Fitness

Barrys sf
In the city where you can get quads of steel just by walking up your street, San Franciscans are serious about their fitness. So the new Barry’s Bootcamp, located at 236 King Street (between 3rd St and 4th St), just down the street from the home of the San Francisco Giants, has hired some giants of fitness to get the city in the best shape ever. During opening weekend, June 13th – June 15th, classes will be led by all-stars in the Barry’s roster from across the country, including THE Barry Jay himself, COO and Master Trainer Joey Gonzales, Master Trainer Martin George from Los Angeles, NYC heavy-hitters Alycia Stevenin, and Niv Zinder, and more surprises to be announced soon!

And now, without further ado, here’s your Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco starting lineup!

Adam Shane brings over 15 years of fitness industry specific experience developing fitness clubs in NYC, NJ, DC and MD. An avid soccer player and overall athlete growing up, health and fitness has always been his outlet. His philosophy is to keep moving and make sure that when you train, “train hard.” Whether it is an hour a day every day or only a fraction of that time, he believes that using your time wisely and maintaining balance in and out of the gym is the key to long term health and wellness success. Adam moved his entire life from NYC to San Francisco and hasn’t looked back. The community/family he has built from group fitness is a bond for life and his passion is really inspired by everyone around him. If you want to be truly inspired, spend a few minutes with him and hear his story about how Barry’s truly changed his life!


Alvin Holden is one of San Francisco’s top Fitness Specialists. This self proclaimed jack-of -all-trades has a background in sales, management, finance and fitness. Alvin is a USA Boxing coach, USA Track and Field Coach, NASM Performance Specialist and holds a laundry list other certifications. Alvin’s passion for making others better every day is evident in his thriving personal training business and stacks of testimonials. Get ready to sweat to heavy Hip Hop, House and Trap beats in his dynamic and high energy classes.

Alvin copy

Erica Stenz started teaching fitness and nutrition at UC Santa Barbara in 2007 while she earned her B.A. in Communications and double minor in Exercise and Health Science and Fitness Instruction. Erica promotes a balanced, active lifestyle and has a passion for making a difference people’s lives. Her passion is reflected through her duel careers in fitness and marketing. Known as San Francisco’s “little firecracker,” Erica’s endless energy in class and upbeat music will motivate you to reach and exceed your fitness and wellness goals. #inspiretosweat

Erica - Side profile with water bottle

Shauna Harrison has a PhD in public health. A self-proclaimed nerd, jock, yogi and a hip hop head, Shauna is a sweat junkie with a renegade spirit. She has a substantial background in the fitness industry and has taught a wide range of classes and developed her own formats, all while pursuing academics. Shauna uses her varied background to fuse styles, philosophies and principles into strong, athletic and fluid classes set to bold (usually hip hop and R&B) beats. She is also the creator of #SweatADay, a daily Instagram challenge. As a perpetual student and teacher, Shauna is always looking for new ways to intellectually and physically challenge herself and others.


Tommy Luke Stracke has established himself as one of San Francisco’s most popular personal trainers. He received a B.F.A from the University of Central Florida and started his professional fitness career in college while working at the Recreational and Wellness Center as a personal trainer. His dual passion for fitness and Fine Art began as a pre-teen; utilizing his artistic eye he combines cardio and resistance training as a tool to help others “sculpt” their desired physique. His contagious energy, passion for effective fitness and a practical nutritional philosophy all make this man… the most interesting man in the world. Get ready to experience a high-energy fitness class that is motivating and uplifting.

Tommy Stracke

Tommy Tessier, an East Coast native, joins Barry’s with a background in education and fitness. Having spent the last three years teaching at a boarding school and pursuing his Masters in Education from Harvard University, he brings a love of teaching and learning to the studio. While teaching, Tommy coached high school lacrosse and cross country, and enjoyed challenging his students to their fullest potential. Tommy also loves to ski, and grew up competitively ski racing in the mountains of New Hampshire. He loves to incorporate training techniques from the sports he grew up playing and coaching, and offers high-intensity that will be sure to bring out your inner athlete. Expect to sweat and push yourself to your highest potential in Tommy’s high-energy class.


Chris Reid is a full time personal trainer and group fitness instructor who prides himself on motivating those around him through confidence and competition. He believes we all hold the drive in our minds and hearts to accomplish breaking through physical barriers. Chris was a division 1 basketball player for Purdue University, earning trips to the NCAA tournament and sweet sixteen while winning the big ten championship for two years running. He has a degree in sociology, management and social sciences and behavior. After Purdue he brought his basketball career overseas and semi professionally here in the states. He currently interns as the strength and conditioning coach at UC Berkeley for the men’s basketball program. He independently personal trains and is eager to bring his knowledge and dedication to changing people’s lives through challenging their hearts, minds, and bodies through the acts of grueling, but also new and inventive workouts. In his class you’re a part of a team of hard working warriors who will sweat, work, and leave as professional athletes! Spartans, are you ready?! HOO- RAH!!!!

Chris Reid