Top 11 Workout Lies We Tell Ourselves


You try to do everything right for your health. Eat clean, work out regularly, get eight hours of sleep every night. But we’re only human, and no one is immune to a little self-delusion now and then. We’ve been reading your Facebook feeds and tweets and listening to you in class, and well, paying attention to our own excuses in moments of weakness and it turns out that we’re all liar liars with pants on fire. Here are our favorite overheard workout lies of the moment:

1. There’s protein in pizza, and lycopenes from tomato sauce. It’s like, practically a health food!

2. I think my shoelace is loose. Better stop running and re-tie it – in the middle of my sprint.

3. I just worked out – I totally earned this chocolate chip cheesecake a la mode.

4. I definitely need another pair of black workout pants.

5. I must eat these pancakes to carbo load before my run.

6. I can’t do one more rep without a drink of water first. SO dehydrated.

7. I hate to miss these one-legged burpees, but I have to pee RIGHT NOW.

8. WOMEN: I could totally go heavier but I don’t want to get bulky.
MEN: I could totally go heavier but I don’t want to burn my muscles out too quickly.

9. I run. I don’t need to go to legs day.

10. Time to rehydrate. Margaritas are full of electrolytes.

11. Crushed it!