14 Signs That You Might Have a Crush on Your Trainer


Working out is a lot like falling in love. Your heart is thumping out of its chest, there’s heavy breathing, sweat beads are forming and those feel-good endorphins are flowing freely. What could be more natural than feeling sprung over the trainer that motivates you to achieve the extra spring in your step? Crushing on your trainer can be harmless fun that helps motivate you to crush it during your workout. Who cares if he or she is paid to make you feel this good?

Here are the sneaky signs that you have a not-so-secret crush on your fitness instructor. So admit it yourself, already.

1. When a substitute instructor shows up at the last minute, you feel as if you’ve been stood up.

2. You’ve memorized your trainer’s entire class schedule.

3. You know your trainer’s favorite protein shake (with all the modifications) and have it waiting for them after class.

4. You arrive early to get your bench or treadmill, which is the one closest to them, of course.

5. You’ve created a hashtag for them on Facebook and Twitter.

6. You wear your hottest sports bras and shorts to their classes.

7. You take other trainers’ classes and tag them on Facebook, secretly hoping it makes them jealous.

8. Whenever they walk by, you pick up heavier weights and increase your treadmill speeds.

9. You purposely do certain exercises incorrectly just so your trainer will come over and adjust your form. Especially on Butt and Legs Day.

10. Their name shows up prominently in your Google search history.

11. You think their playlist is a personal mix tape made for you.

12. You’re constantly asking “aren’t you hot in that shirt?”

13. You get flushed by certain instructions during the workout- “lower, deeper, harder, faster…”

14. You’re required to stay 500 feet from your trainer at all times.


Minsun Park


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