Pro-tips from celebrity trainers, part 1

Every trainer has at least one – that tip, that motivational saying, that great piece of advice that they share with their clients to push them to new heights, to make them the fittest they can be. With some of the best trainers in the world in the Barry’s family, we decided to reach out to our own for their pro-tips. We have so many we need two separate articles. Use them in good health!

Christian Basto:

To perform better you put premium fuel in high performance cars, so put premium foods in a high performance athlete.

Ivan Gabriel Chorney:

Under normal conditions our bodies seek to achieve homeostasis, similar to a level of balance. So you have to keep things abnormal, different, varied, new in order to keep your body from adapting and leveling off. That’s why Barry’s is so effective!

Kate Chavez:

Use your own body weight as resistance in your training, which also means that you can do your workout anywhere; in a park, hotel room, beach or your own bedroom. NO excuses not to workout! You don’t need a lot of equipment or machines to workout; you just need to be a little creative and not afraid of pushing your body to try new things. Trying and accomplishing new things with your body also helps you stay motivated, challenged and makes training fun! You can get a kick-ass workout alternating between different variations of push-ups, planks, burpees, jumps, and squats. The key is to keep the intensity high with short to no-breaks in between, and you can burn more calories in less time.

Lindsey Clayton:

Focus on the level of intensity at which you’re working instead of the amount of time you work out. Efficiency is key. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym busting your butt because it could lead to over-training and often times have the reverse effect. A half hour of HIIT on a tread or outside and a half hour of solid weight training is way more efficient than hours on an elliptical or a stair master! Get in there, push yourself to that uncomfortable place and get out!

Matt Conrad:

Don’t be afraid of carbs! You need carbs for energy for your workout. Front load then through the day so most are eaten in the morning and make sure they’re healthy complex carbs and not simple sugary carbs!

Mike Donavanik:

Sure, showing up is half the battle; but unless you’re okay with just 50% of the results, you’re going to have to get to work.

Torrey Drake:

On the treadmill I wanna see how fast you can go, on the floor show me how slow you can go.

Ken Ferrer:

Take things one step at a time, and truly be present; make the most of each moment and embrace your potential.

Derek Michael Durkin:

When it comes to fitness the most important thing is to always compete with yourself. To improve you need to push your limits and make new ones.

Patrick Frost:

Switch it up! Your body loves to adapt. Mixing different levels of intensity, methods, rep ranges, and playing fields will only aid to the progression. In addition, it also keeps things new and refreshing!

Hannah Gibbs:

If you are hungry enough for success, you will never be full.
Educate, motivate and inspire the person sweating next to you and the the world with one day be a healthy living place for all.

Joey Gonzalez:

FITNESS: Don’t forget to lift those weights. Remember every adult loses 5-7 lbs of muscle per decade after 20 yrs of age. Muscle drives your metabolism.
HEALTH: The more you avoid sugar, artificial anything, wheat, white flour, soy and dairy the better you’ll look and feel.

Shauna Harrison:

Seek Failure. Failure is nothing more than a marker from which you can rise; an indicator of where growth has its utmost potential. Continually and curiously seek it, find it, grow from it, master it and then find another challenge and repeat. Never stop learning, improving, and making positive adjustments, it will keep your mind, body and spirit fresh!

Rebecca Kennedy:

Plan ahead! Commitment is the key to success in anything you do in life, your business, relationship, family, and your workouts and meals shouldn’t be any different! Plan for the entire week ahead! Prep your meals, sign up for all your classes, grab a buddy so all you have left to do is wake up, dress up and show up!!!

Matt Maggiacomo:

My new obsession is organic tart cherry juice concentrate. The benefits of tart cherry juice have long been recognized — two tablespoons of it mixed with soda water or seltzer, once in the morning and once an hour before bed will help you battle post-workout muscle soreness, target belly fat and boost melatonin to help you sleep. It really does work.

Timothy Mandala:

Consistency and determination are the keys to attaining any goal. In the Army they tell you be in the right place, at the right time, in the correct uniform with the right attitude. Translating that into fitness is no different. Get to class, be ready to work and be consistent. Anything is possible. Absolutely anything.

Ethan Marine:

People always ask me “How much of it is fitness & how much of it is nutrition?” My response: It’s 100% Fitness & it’s 100% Nutrition. It’s a 200% effort! Neglect either one & you can cut your results in half.

Jenna Mazanowski:

The best butt exercise is five sets of stop eating so much crap.


Todd Mendiola:

Get eight hours of sleep each night, eat five small meals daily in three hour intervals, stay positive and sweat a minimum of 45 minutes for five days a week. You will feel ten years younger!

Connor Miller:

You can’t out-train a bad diet.