17 Unexpected Side Effects of Getting Fit

We all know the benefits of working out includes countless physical and mental health benefits. But now that you’re at your pinnacle of health and fitness, there are also some unexpectedly strange and surprising side effects to the sweat life that nobody really talks about.

1. Your doctor asks YOU for advice on working out at your yearly physical.

2. You live on Mt. Washmore with an endless pile of sweaty laundry to conquer.

3. You nabbed three purse snatchers last week (12.5 sprint, baby)!

4. You don’t need a stopwatch to know exactly how long 30 seconds is.

5. Your bottom hasn’t touched a public toilet seat in years due to your squatting prowess.

6. You help the grocery store baggers with THEIR groceries.

7. Your fourth story walk-up is now a run-up while carrying heavy bags in both arms – and pulsing.

8. You crush the kids at the playground on the monkey bars.

9. You have a dedicated shelf in your pantry for protein bars, powders and other supplements with names containing more random letters than alphabet soup.

10. You could write a cookbook titled “101 Ways To Eat Chicken.” So. Much. Chicken.

11. You look forward to your cheat meal day more than your birthday, Xmas and Chanukah combined.

12. Expanded vocabulary! DOMS, acai bowls, #beastmode

13. “Clean and Press” is no longer just laundry instructions.

14. You know that eating clean doesn’t mean making the clean plate club.

15. You actually look forward to high school reunions.

16. The day after butt and legs day, everyone thinks you had a hot date.

17. You now have the libido of a teenager. Unfortunately you’re too tired and sore to do anything about it.

What other unexpected side effects have you experienced? Add yours in the comments section!

Minsun Park

Minsun Park is a blogger, writer and a black belt in taekwondo who gets her ass handed to her daily by her two sons. She’s written for iVillage, SheKnows, ePregnancy and is featured in “The Hot Mom’s Handbook” by Jessica Denay. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter