Dining Out the Healthy Way
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Barry’s Bootcamp and Taste Savant started partnering and collaborating earlier this year on a city level. Here we bring you the first joint blog post which we hope readers in all cities and fans of both companies will enjoy, written by Taste Savant’s COO, Shelby Beierle and Barry’s Instructor, Noah Neiman.

From Shelby, Taste Savant:

I love eating out and I work for a company that is all about eating out. Ding, ding, ding – a lethal combination! Which means (sigh), many nights out I have to stay on track even in front of some fabulous food. I don’t think I’m alone when I say it’s oh so very, very hard and even when I think I’ve done a decent job the way my clothes fit tell me something different.

So we’re lucky enough to have access to the very best in fitness and health, Barry’s Bootcamp. After two years with Taste Savant, endless meals out and days spent looking at food porn, I decided it’s time to go to the experts on this one. We’ve enlisted one of our favorite Barry’s instructors, Noah Neiman, to tell us how to do it… successfully, over and over again or for me, most of the time. Noah has been with Barry’s since they expanded to New York in 2011. His background is in martial arts so it’s not surprising he’s so disciplined when it comes to socializing over food and drinks, wax on, wax off, right Mr. Neiman?! I can definitely learn a thing or two from him. Without further ado, here are Noah’s tips.

From Noah, Barry’s Bootcamp:

NoahNeiman quoteI have been ordering as healthy as possible at restaurants for years, way before flax and chia seeds became items for artisanal desserts on Top Chef. Here are some tips I’ve gathered from my experience. But before getting into the list, the most important tip is this: make a joke with the waiter/waitress, flirt with them, bring in a hand knitted throw blanket if necessary to butter them up before you modify the hell out of the menu. You’re going to be asking them to substitute even when the menu specifically says “please no substitutions.” Or better yet, the holy grail of eating out healthily, you’ll get them to put in an off-the-menu health bomb of an item for you.

So with the staff buttered up…here are the actual tips.

1. Ask for items to be grilled/boiled/seared in olive oil instead of fried.

2. When ordering salads, be wary of added items in them; candied cranberries and walnuts are not salad items, they are dessert designed to hide the fact that you are eating the same food as a rabbit. Ask for the dressing on the side instead of mixed in. Some dressings contain hundreds, yes hundreds, of extra calories. Try to stick to simple dressings with olive oil and balsamic and flavored with spices.

3. Ask for grilled veggies or salad for the side dishes. Just because onion poppers at TGI Fridays has onions in the name does not make it a suitable veggie dish. Unhealthy sides are a sneaky way to throw in a ton of calories and most people don’t put as much thought into the appetizer selection as they do the entrees. Portions on starters have become massive, making them often times more caloric than the entree itself!

4. Don’t drink your calories. Specialty drinks or mixed drinks pack a gang of calories. If drinking booze, stick to clear liquors with a splash of juice/tonic water in them. If your drink tastes sweet and not like alcohol, chances are there are more than 150-200 calories in each drink.

5. Ask the chef to prepare your entree without additional butter and salt, and with the sauce on the side, as with the salads. A lot of the extra frills on the main dish can add tons of extra calories. When ordering meats, ask for them to be prepared as cleanly as possible with the sauce on the side so you can dip a little bit into each bite, and not have your piece of chicken swimming in a sugary buttery creamy La Brea Tar pits situation.

For some major motivation, eye candy and muscles, follow Noah on Instagram (NoahDNeiman) and Twitter (@NoahDNeiman). Also, don’t miss following some other Barry’s instructors on Taste Savant to read about their favorite places to eat out (links below).

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