Before They Were Barry’d!
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Our trainers didn’t always look like this (although we think Noah Neiman may have been born with 10″ biceps.) So in honor of Throwback Thursday, we decided to toss back a few ourselves. Trainers (and managers), that is. Here are some way way before and after shots of some of your favorite Barry’s Bootcamp trainers.

Nicole Aguila, Los Angeles

Nicole TBT 1nicole TBT 2

Christian Basto, Los Angeles

basto tbt 1 basto tbt 2

Ivan Chorney, Miami Beach

Chorney chorney tbt 2

Matt Conrad, Los Angeles

conner tbt 1conner tbt 2

Erik Nordnes Einum, Bergen

einum tbt 1 einum tbt 2

Annelin Ese, Bergen

Eise tbt 1 eise tbt 2

Tage Flugeim, Bergen/Oslo

Flugeim TBT 1 Flugeim TBT 2

Tony Forte, Irvine

Forte TBT 1 Forte TBT 2

Patrick Frost, NYC

frost tbt 1 frost tbt 2

Martin George, Los Angeles

george tbt 1 Martin tbt 2

Joey Gonzalez, New York, COO

gonzalez tbt 1 gonzalez tbt 2

Courtney Gruba, Los Angeles

gruba, tbtb 1 gruba tbt 2

Shauna Harrison, San Francisco

Harrison TBT 1 shauna-cablecar

Linn Herland, Bergen/Oslo

herland TBT 1 herland tbt 2

Kelli Hinkle, San Diego

hinckle tbt 1 hinkle tbt 2

Barry Jay, Los Angeles, Co-Founder

Jay tbtb 1 barry back

Kelly Kikugawa, Los Angeles

kikugawa tbt 1 kikugawa tbtb 2

Kate Langinauer, Miami Beach

langinauer tbt 1 langinauer tbt 2

Christina Lodde, Boston

lodde tbt 1 lodde tbt 2

Layla Luciano, NYC

layla tbt 1 Layla TBT 2

Petra Malmqvist, Bergen

malmqvist tbt 1 malmqvist tbt 2

Ethan Marine, Miami Beach

Marine tbt 1 marine tbt 2

Sean McCall, NYC

Mccall TBT 1  mccall tbt 2

Todd Mendiola, NYC

mendiola TBT 1 mendiola

Carmela Mondello, Los Angeles

Mondello tbt 1 Mondello tbt 2

Storm Newton, Los Angeles

Newton TBT 1 storm TBT 2

Chris Reid, San Francisco

Reid TBT 1 Chris Reid

Harley Rodriguez, NYC

Rodriguez tbt 1 rodriguez tbt 2

Cody Russell, San Diego

Russell TBT 1 Russell TBT 2

Benjamin Hack Rye, Bergen

rye tbt 1 rye tbt 2

Alex Sapot, Los Angeles

sapot tbt 1 sapot tbt 2

Bradley and Gina Seidenglanz, Los Angeles

Seidenglanz TBT 1Seidenglanz TBT 2

Sam Sharon, NYC

Sharon TBT Sharon TBT 2

Ketil Ole Skjelvan, Bergen

Skjelvan tbt 1 skjelvan tbt 2

Erica Stenz, San Francisco

stenz tbt 1 Erica - Side profile with water bottle

Svein Stormyr, Bergen

stormyr TBT 1 stormyr tbt 2

Tommy Stracke, San Francisco

stracke tbt 1 Tommy Stracke

Emily Susen, Boston

Susen tbt 1 susen tbt 2

Devin Tolentino, Nashville

tolentino tbt 1 tolentino tbt 2

Tolland Weems, Los Angeles

Weems tbt 1 weems tbt 2

Brian Weller, Boston

weller tbt 1 weller tbt 2

Stephen John Williams, Los Angeles

Williams tbt 1 williams tbt 2