How to Look Your Best in a Bathing Suit
Pro Tips From Fitness Models

Spring break season is upon us and hopefully, your tickets to somewhere warm and sunny are booked. Since we all know that beach bodies are made in the winter, you’ve been working hard at the gym all-year-round. But if the prospect of shedding your winter coats to spend your days half-naked still seems daunting, you’re not alone. Even fitness models and physique competitors have to do some prep work before they strut their stuff in their sports bras and bathing suits.

Luckily, here are some pro tips from Barry’s Bootcamp trainers who also happen to be part-time figure competitors and fitness models. Nobody understands how to look their best on stage or in front of a camera in a bathing suit better than they do. Here are their quick tips on what they do and in the days leading up to a photo shoot or competition that you can emulate.

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Los Angeles-based trainer, Bradley Seidenglanz, also happens to be a physique competitor and fitness model who successfully took his fit physique to the next level of ripped by adding 30 pounds of lean muscle this year to get his body in competition shape for Jon Lindsay’s Muscle Contest.

But in the days leading up to show time, here are some of his tricks of the trade:

Bradley says, “I implement these few tips one or two weeks before a photo shoot, country concert (obviously) – anything where I will be shirtless!


Being tan always helps! It brings out the shreds. There are some good lotions and bronzers to build up the base, but don’t overdo it where you look orange. Big no-no.


High intensity incline power walking every day. Keep the muscle mass, burn the fat. Pay attention to your body. If you cut up quick, back off on the cardio. If you’re struggling to cut, increase the duration.


Low carb (50-100 g’s), medium fat (100-150 g’s), high protein (200-250) diet for 7 days. Obviously this depends on the sex of the individual, body type and goals of that person so these numbers fluctuate. One MAJOR cheat meal a week. It resets our bodies’ glycogen stores and emotionally… well, its a damn necessity to eat a burger or pizza once a week.


6-8 sets of every workout/exercise. Higher reps (12-20 per set) at slower temp.


*Except for the night before, see more below.


1 – 1.5 Gallons a day. Except those final 3 days, taper off the water from 3/4 gallon to half, then down to 1/4 gallon right before the day of the event.


Take care of shaved legs, arms, underarms, haircut – whatever look you are going for, own it!

“Night Before” Meal –

8 oz. red sirloin steak, 2 baked potatoes, 1 cup of carrots and some asparagus, 2 glasses of red wine. Carbs fill out the muscles, wine dehydrates the body and the fats will increase vascularity; making you look irresistible.

Bradley will be competing in The Jon Lindsay NPC Grand Pix on April 11th at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City!

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Allie Cohen is another Los Angeles – based Barry’s trainer and fitness model who has starred in workout videos alongside Carmen Electra and models for PopSugar and Lionsgate BeFit. Here are her recommendations for getting ready for your closeup and all those Facebook photo tags on vacay.


If you have an event like a pool party or something in a bikini and are feeling pale, spray tan is the way! Always get a customized tan where someone airbrushes you to eliminate being streaky. Exfoliate before your tan but make sure you use no products with oil in them. I like bar soap and use a wash cloth to exfoliate my whole body. My personal spot is Sunset Tan in studio city. The tan will only look good for about 3 days since we workout all the time. If you have trouble getting the tan off, use lemon juice and a washcloth.


A week before you need to be looking your best, you want to scale back on any parties and late nights out. Trade your social dinners and drinking for a night at the house with face masks and movies. Make healthy bites for your friends and make sure you get plenty of sleep. Going for a night on the town may lead to drinking and not getting enough rest.


Always get a manicure and pedicure. This is non-negotiable. Nude nails (please) on the hands or light pink. Toes don’t need to match the nail color.


A full seven days before a photo shoot, I will be strict and stay away from carbs and sweets and stick to protein and veggies. I eat a lot of egg white scrambles with spinach, Greenleaf Chopshop tuna, chicken breast and protein smoothies.


Apply warm coconut oil to your hair and leave on for 2 to 3 hours. Focusing on the ends, knot your hair up and let the oil sit in your hair. Rinse with shampoo.


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