How To Take The Best Gym Selfies
by Minsun Park


Fitness selfies can be the ultimate fitspiration or #fitspo. Used properly, they’re a great way of inspiring yourself and others and even tracking your own progress. The Barry’s social media team sees all kinds of sweaty selfies (#swealfies #swolefies) and here are our pro tips on how to ensure more fellow endorphin junkies will double tap that.



DO put yourself in the shot, somewhere. It doesn’t have to be your face, but maybe a peek of your colorful running shoes propped up on the table while you refuel. Or an interesting backdrop. Telling a story is way more intriguing than a close up of your shake – plus it looks so lonely. Here’s a nice one:

gym selfie shake good

Image courtesy of Stephanie Mark

DON’T post the same shake picture over and over again day after day without any variation. Even if it is your favorite flavor and has your name on it with a smiley face.

gym selfie shake bad



DO take an action shot selfie AFTER your workout rather than before. You came to work out, not stage a photo shoot. Wetter is better when it comes to the eternal question of whether to selfie before or after your sweat sesh. You always look sexier when you’re hot and flushed and your muscles pop better with that post-workout pump.

Image courtesy of Dyan Tsiumis

Image courtesy of Dyan Tsiumis

DON’T: But you know what’s not so hot? Pics that include a wet spot on the ground from that sweaty pile of clothes you’ve just shed, prominently featuring your wet underwear and bra. That’s TMI and nobody wants to see your dirty laundry.

gym slefie bad mess



DO take advantage of the great lighting and unobstructed mirrors.

gym selfie good bathroom

Image courtesy of Piret Aavar

DON’T: Unfortunately, those mirrors also reflect sinks, showers, toilets and urinals – all stuff that reflects super unsexy bodily functions (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Use the crop and edit features! Don’t include the toilet or urinals when you compose your shot. If you truly can’t avoid the toilet and can’t crop it out, at least make sure you did a courtesy flush first.

gym selfie bad bathroom



DO get creative and enlist friends to show off your athleticism.

gym selfie action good

Image courtesy of Ethan Marine

DON’T take pictures on the treadmill while it’s running. Safety first! Selfies + heavy machinery = nope!

And definitely, not during class during floor work either.

gym slefie action bad



DO take advantage of the great background and the signage and the eye candy.

gym selfie lobby good

Image courtesy of Erica Stenz

DON’T get carried away and forget the other clients, deskers and the trainers when composing your shot. It’s still a place of business, not a jungle gym. [Note: This is actually some of the Barry’s London staff having a little fun. We love this shot.]

gym selfie lobby bad

Image courtesy of Charlotte Louise Holmes



DO make it natural. You know, you just happen to be doing stuff, shirtless and flexing, naturally. Like, say, visiting ancient ruins.

gym selfie abs good

Image courtesy of Ricardo Vargas

DON’T make the mistake that Geraldo made in letting that towel drop an inch or two too low. We want to see those V cuts – not VD’s.

gym selfie abs geraldo-shirt-off



You’ve hobbled through countless Leg Days and resorted to holding onto handrails in Handicapped bathroom stalls. Of course, you’re going to show off that booty and all your hard-earned gains.

DO pop that hip, arch your back and stick that butt out far enough to rest a protein shake on it.

gym selfie butt good

Image courtesy of Layla Luciano

DON’T get carried away and pull down your pants. Don’t crack the internet.

gym selfie butt bad

Image courtesy of Christian Basto


DO use creative cute captions, tag your friends and take advantage of the popular hashtags on Instagram like #fitfam #fitness and, of course, #barrys.

DON’T succumb to the hashtag horror of too many hashtags or using irrelevant ones just to get more eyeballs on the picture. You’ll just annoy followers and lose a few.



DO have fun! Just make sure it’s your camera, so you can pick the best shot. Remember to tag all your friends, (especially if they look really bad, heh).

gym selfie group

Image courtesy of Zanna van Dijk

DON’T: There is no don’t! The more, the merrier!