Feeling Linky: This Week’s Click Bait Worth Reading

This week is all about busting myths about breathing, drinking, eating, and exercising. Basically all your survival skills.




“In a recent study, scientists from Western Washington University set out to find out what works best when you’re gasping for air: standing up with your hands behind your head or bending over with your hands on your knees.” The results may surprise you.  [menshealth.com]




Water - Todd Heisler NYT

You’ve heard that you’re supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Well, apparently, we’ve all been lied to, according to Science. [via New York Times]






never eat draghicich getty images

Draghicich/Getty Images

Foods you should never eat, according to food industry insiders. [via msn.com]





rubber-mask allure


Think you’re up on beauty trends and have all the Korean sheet masks? The next level face mask turns out to be rubber masks. This intrepid blogger tested out the latest in K-beauty. [via Allure]








birth orderA new study find that birth order may have something to do with weight gain. Ruh Roh. [via yahoo.com]







heart health marcus nillson

Marcus Nillson

The latest research supports that high protein diets may be as powerful as exercise, lowering sodium intake and even quitting smoking for improving cardiovascular health. [via Real Simple]