Fitness Tips for 2016
by Hannah Gibbs


It is very important to decide your fitness goals. It is a big part of how you stay motivated to achieve your end result.

I believe it is a good idea to make short-term goals, goals that you know you can achieve within 8-12 weeks, and long-term goals, goals that you can achieve but may take your body a longer time. For example:

Short- term goal: Achieving a minimum three times of training every week or improving your conditioning on the treadmill.

Long- term goal: Achieving a high amount of weight loss or improving your body strength.

REMEMBER: Everyone is different and fitness goals should be 100% specific to you.


Nutrition is an important part of helping you achieve your fitness goals. More than what most of us believe! Here are three of my top tips:

  1. Always try to eat breakfast. It can help kick-start your body and your energy levels. Not having breakfast may affect your body’s energy level during the day.

  2. STAY HYDRATED. Water helps energize muscles and relieves fatigue, keeps skin looking healthy, helps with your concentration levels, boosts your immune system and relieves headaches.

  3. Try to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables in your meals.

REMEMBER: Balance is important – following simple rules can make big changes to your body, your health and how you feel. In addition, seeing on paper what you eat and drink can make you understand more what changes needs to be made, so make a food diary.


There is no better feeling than sweating it out at the studio. You may not love it during but afterwards the happy endorphin rush you feel makes it all worth it. I believe exercise should be varied, that is one big reason why BARRY’S is the perfect workout for lots of people. The combination of intervals and strength is just perfect for improving the way we look and feel and gives us a feeling of achievement.

When training is different, your body reacts in positive ways. Working different muscles groups will keep your body guessing. Never get comfortable with training. VARIATION is the key.

REMEMBER: Recovery days – lots of people forget this. Always listen to your body. If you are tired and muscles feel tired, you may need a recovery day. This is not a bad thing to do. In the long term your body will be thankful for those days you took.


You don’t just want to see your progress – you want to feel your progress.

You can see your progress by numbers: weight loss, measurements, faster speeds on the treadmill and training heavy weights. You can also feel your progress. There is no better feeling than running and it feeling easier, lifting weights and feeling strong and in control, and your clothes feeling looser on your body. You can also literally see your progress as your physique changes, making you feel more confident and comfortable in your body.

REMEMBER: A good idea is to keep a diary of your starting numbers and your feelings at that time. Keep a progression log. This is a great tool to keep you motivated and keep track of your progression.


You may start the very positive journey of reaching your goals, but nobody is perfect and we all have times where we need help or advice.

At Barry’s, there are Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals, who are available all year round to offer support, motivation and advice. Whether it’s exercise, technique or nutrition, there is always a solution to get you back on track to achieving your goals.

REMEMBER: Never let a bad day destroy your routine with food or training. We are all human.