How I Popped My Barry’s Cherry: Trainer Edition

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Barry’s is offering a free hot and sweaty class in the month of February to anyone in the U.S. who has never taken a Barry’s class. (Go to THIS LINK to sign up.) We asked some of our trainers what their first time was like (because your first time is always special).



I remember my first class so well because the process leading up to taking that class was long overdue. My good friend, Michelle Moore, was teaching in Sherman Oaks and had been for a few years. She asked me to come a few times but I gave the “Oh, I do my own workouts,” excuse. After meeting the entire Barry’s Fit-Fam at her going away party, (before she headed off to teach in Miami), I met Martin George, Kelly Kikugawa and Rachel Mumford. Later that week, I was in my first class. I remember how energetic the clients were, the music, Martin’s personality on the mic, everything about the workout had me thinking: I wish I would have found Barry’s sooner. The physical attractiveness of the clientele didn’t hurt either. Needless to say, the company grew on me and thankfully, I began to grow with it.

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It was a brisk January evening in 2009 when I walked into Barry’s in Sherman Oaks to see what all the hype was about. My instructor was Martin George. He was very funny, very polite and creative with the design of the class. It was a Thursday night and back then Thursday was Back & Shoulder Day. There was a pull up bar on the side, which we used. I LOVED it. I had never been in a high intensity class and used a pull up bar before. After class was finished, Martin approached me. He was very impressed by my athletic ability. I had to share with him that I was a fitness coach and trainer myself. I told him, I had heard the hype about Barry’s and had to check it out for myself. I felt very confident that I could teach classes at Barry’s, so I asked Martin if there were any spots available to teach. There were none at the time. Three months later, Martin was then put in charge of managing & teaching in Sherman Oaks. He called me up and asked if I was still interested in working for Barry’s. I was and started with four classes and the rest is history. I’m glad I went to class to see what the hype was about and even more happy and fortunate that I took Martin’s class.

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It’s pretty funny actually! I had no idea what Barry’s was at the time. It all started 12 years ago. I was at The Grove on my day off. I worked at a restaurant at the time and I was stopping by to say hello. I was hanging by the kitchen, when one of the waitresses came over and said, “Hey, you see table 16? Those two guys think you’re really hot!! Would you do me a huge favor and take their food over to them when it comes up?” I agreed. When their food came up, I saw that they had ordered the mussels, so took them over and said, “Your muscles have arrived!” The three of us had one hell of a laugh! Lo and behold, that’s how I met Barry! It’s been love ever since!!

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There was a lot of buzz about Barry’s Bootcamp coming to Boston, and I wanted in. I interviewed with Brian and Dustin, and they told me to take some classes before they put me through instructor training. Luckily, I was heading to Nashville for a bachelorette party a few weeks after I met with them, so on July 26th 2013, my Barry’s cherry was popped by Amzie Williams.

I was nervous going into the class because I knew that Antonio would be giving Brian and Dustin a full report, so I knew I couldn’t slack off. I took an excessive amount of pre-workout and was so jittery by the time I got to the studio. The first thing I noticed was that everyone that worked there was ridiculously good looking. I thought maybe that had been a Barry’s gimmick with advertising, but it was no joke. I immediately felt like I should have worn a cuter outfit or put on makeup or worn a mask with Gisele’s face on it. But from the second I walked in that room, any insecurity went away (thank you, magical red lights!). The bumping music, low lights and incredible energy coming off of Amzie, as well as the rest of the class was a huge rush. I felt myself working harder than I normally would have and I loved every second of it. The only downside was that I took so much pre-workout that I literally could not fall asleep that night (even with the help of a bachelorette bar crawl) and did not show up to Antonio’s 8 am class the next day (sorry!)

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I’ll never forget my first class at Barry’s because Adam and Tara Shane flew me all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles for it! Adam was convinced that I’d love it enough to leave my full-time corporate job in San Francisco to become his first instructor for Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco.

As I walked into Barry’s Bootcamp Sherman Oaks, I wasn’t sure what to think. How could a place with NO locker rooms be as popular as they say? But then I met Kelly Kikugawa, a manager for Barry’s, she greeted me with open arms even though we hadn’t met before. She then introduced me to Martin George who was instructing our class and I could immediately tell with this kind of welcome that Barry’s was DIFFERENT. It was like a family.

Martin’s class was crazy (yes crazy) awesome. I couldn’t believe people were running next to me at 12.5 mph! It was an awesome workout and performance at the same time. Martin was on fire. His jokes were borderline inappropriate and exactly what I needed to distract me from the pain I was enduring on the floor. I was so impressed that he was able to teach so many people doing different things all at once, and still give me so much personal attention. I’ll forever be grateful for this experience because it ended up changing my whole life.

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My first class was Chest and Back Day with my old coworker and friend Chris Reid at the Barry’s SOMA location. It was a fun class with dynamic mode! I remember Chris made sure to give me that extra “love an attention” (aka jokes on jokes) that he is known for and kept me laughing the whole time.

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I popped my Barry’s cherry over four years ago when it first opened in NYC. I was dying to take it, until then. I had scoured Youtube for people filming in class and tried to listen to the videos and replicate the treadmill runs while creating my own floor routines. I was a young hungry trainer! Still hungry, just not as young anymore…ha! I took Natalie Uhling before she branched out on her own, at the Chelsea studios, when it was just a baby and half the size it is now. A 9:30am class, and a Legs & Butt day…. yes, booty bands and incline sprints on my very first class. I came back, so you know its true love.

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My first Barry’s class was with some dude named Patrick Frost. Being an instructor, his name was commonly heard as “one of the best” at Barry’s.  A crew of us hit up his 12:30 Chest & Back class in Chelsea.

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My first time at Barry’s was with the one and only Barry Jay. It was Butt and Legs day, and I was a double floor. I was hooked within the first two bench step ups and went hard as I could for the whole class, even finding an open treadmill at the end and getting to run a little bit. I worked at a restaurant as a server at the time and the kitchen was in the basement. For the next three days walking up and down those stairs…let’s just say my guests were HUNGRY by the time they finally got their food!

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My first time taking class at Barry’s – honestly, I can’t remember. But I wanted to start getting back into fitness and teaching, so I started taking Barry Jay’s class everyday. I love everything about it and this company. I would say that Barry’s is my serious boyfriend and the rest are just for fun:)

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I am so proud to say that it was none other than Mr. Barry Jay who popped my Barry’s cherry. It was the very first class on opening day in Chelsea, so I felt very special to have inaugurated the space with the Master himself.  Like so many others, I considered myself to be fit and in shape. I remember being nervous because I REALLY wanted to impress the man who created “The Best Workout in the World.” We did bicep curls for about 10 minutes and I hadn’t sprinted, like REALLY SPRINTED at over a 9.0 in, well, EVER.  I will always remember that moment as a turning point for me. When Barry’s came into my life, everything changed drastically.  Within a few short months I was teaching my first class…and the rest is history.

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When I moved to Bergen, Norway, I was looking for a new job and I had heard about Barry’s Bootcamp but had never taken a class. It was a Monday, start of a new week and walked into Barry’s Bergen and was introduced to owner Tage Flugeim, He said that they were looking for new instructors and I should come to an audition later that week. So to be as prepared as I could, I came straight the next day to train.

My first class was with the Scandinavian Barry’s man himself – Tage! I was confident as I have been in fitness since a young age, so I wasn’t worried about feeling tired. It was a Tuesday, so Legs and shoulders. Three rounds of incline runs, heavy strength on floor. I sweated lots! But I was back the next day and every day until my audition. I completed my audition and on the schedule I went! I have been a trainer at Barry’s since the start and I am still going, 4 years later.

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I remember the first time I took Barry’s Bootcamp. A desker who used to work there named Chris said, “If you’re a trainer in LA, you HAVE to take this workout.” So I went to Ricardo Vargas’s class and the endorphins kicked in and I was loving it so much that I thought, “I think I could maybe do this.” I kept coming and I kept coming, mostly to Ricardo’s class. I finally went to Barry’s class and out of the corner of his eye he saw me and said, “Hey, are you a trainer?”

And I was like, “Yeah.”

Barry: Where do you train?

Me: Down the street.

Barry: You want to train here?

Me: Yes! Absolutely!

We talked afterwards and I met Nicole. And they told me to take as many classes as I could in the next two weeks because “You’re going to be subbing Barry’s classes at 5 a.m. when he goes to New York.” And that’s pretty much my Barry’s story.

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I think my first Barry’s experience was different from a lot of trainers because I didn’t go into the room very confidently. I was actually intimidated by the reputation of Barry’s. But when I went in there the instructor, Martin, made me feel really comfortable. We talked beforehand and he told me how the class was going to work. A lot of people came up to talk to me saying, “Oh is this your first time at Barry’s Bootcamp?” and they were welcomed me to class right away. It was such a fun, calming experience – the calm before the storm type of thing. And afterwards, everybody was so excited to find out what I thought about it. It was such an involved class. Everybody was in there working together, cheering each other on and screaming and yelling. I had such a good time. For someone who went in there really intimidated, I had a lot of fun throughout the class, felt really at ease, well, at ease as I could be.

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My first class at Barry’s was actually pretty great. It solidified the reason I wanted to become a trainer. I took class as a suggestion from my cousin, Courtney Paul. I remember thinking 1) this isn’t that bad, I could do this. 2) I think I can teach here. I would love to teach here. 3) If he [the trainer] tells me to speed it up on my sprint again, I’m going to kill him. Hahaha! My first class let me know that I wanted to be behind the mic at Barry’s. I took that class and I haven’t looked back since. I am so very grateful to Barry’s, to all the trainers there and to all the people that go there because they make it what it is – a big family full of fitness nutcases! I’m so happy to be part of the nutcase squad – yay!

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My first class I took was Hard Core Abs at Barry’s Nashville with Matt Dye at 3 pm in November of 2014! I was scared to death to walk through the doors. I remember telling myself, “You’re crazy as Hell!” But the second I walked in the door, I felt like I was apart of the family! After going to Barry’s, I realized that it definitely was NOT as scary as I thought it was.

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