Scott Archimbaud’s Project 50
by Scott Archimbaud

I am 48 years old, fat and out of shape despite going to the gym 3 to 5 times per week. Gym attendance is not the problem. The content of those visits and nutrition are the issue. Until 2 years ago, I was doing no exercise at all when something clicked in my head and I was ready for some exercise. I joined a gym and went consistently: 175 visits in 2014 and 2015 each. I was doing 30 minutes at a medium speed on the elliptical and eating too much of the wrong foods. I even had surgery to limit my food intake but it was still a problem. A career change, moving from NYC to West Hollywood, and other stresses contributed to putting weight back on after having lost 80 pounds about three years ago through the surgery.


On my first visit to NYC since moving to West Hollywood, I decided to do something. I have been friends with Matty Maggiacomo for six years and followed his journey into the fitness profession. I was too intimidated by Barry’s when I joined the other gym two years ago. Something again clicked and I was ready on this trip. Matty set me up for class. It was hard for this Barry’s virgin but I felt great afterward. After returning to West Hollywood, I was ready to get started. Matty set me up with Matt Conrad, Seth Gottesdiener and Blake Bridges and at that time, I realized I’d be turning 50 in 22 months.


I will get in shape in that time, come hell or high water. So far I’ve been to several Weho classes and they have been great. Now to keep going consistently and get my food under control. I know with my dream team, it is possible.

I love an encouraging word and hope to give some too. Please join me on my journey.

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