Barry’s Babe: Priyanka Shahani
by Priyanka Shahani

Name: Priyanka Shahani
Occupation: Executive Search/Headhunting in Retail & Leisure
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft. 3
Home Base: Barry’s Central & East (London)

Having always been petite as a child, I was not happy with the weight I very quickly gained when I moved to the UK for boarding school and university. All the tequila shots and late night pizzas while studying took a serious toll on my body, on top of the fact that my family and I have always been keen foodies.

Peaking at almost 80 kg (176 pounds), I began my weight loss journey around March 2012, during my final year of university. I started off with strict calorie restrictions and long cardio sessions, five days a week. I dropped the majority of my weight this way, but it was unhealthy and not sustainable at all. By Fall 2014, I reached 53 kg (116 pounds). To be honest, by that point I felt physically weak and also quite tired of worrying about how much I was eating. I began to lack motivation to go to the gym, as my workouts were not varied at all!

A friend of mine mentioned how great Barry’s was when I went to a wedding in Thailand. She looked unbelievable and told me I had to try it out myself when we were back in London. I went for my very first class with her in October 2014 to the 6 a.m. Hard Core Day with the one and only Olly Truelove! I could barely jog at 5 mph… but I LOVED the atmosphere, the music and overall energy, so I kept coming back for more. Two classes a week turned into more, and this week I’m completing my second Hell Week!

Besides the physical results I began to see from HIIT and strength training at Barry’s, the community has been a catalyst for overall improvement in my life in many other ways – my knowledge of fitness and nutrition; how disciplined and motivated I am in other areas of life; and my general self confidence and well being.

I am now 56 kg (123 pounds).  Yes, I have gained weight and have dropped down to 17 % body fat! I’m significantly stronger and my clothes fit better than ever (I have a whole new closet in fact☺).  I feel extremely happy, confident and most importantly, I have balance in my life.

The Barry’s community feels like a family to me – the trainers, deskers and people you meet there are positive, energetic, encouraging and so supportive. Having grown up between Hong Kong, London and Moscow, as well as having my family based in Kuwait, I’m generally moving around a lot. It is amazing to have a sense of community here for me in London and to have made great friends through Barry’s. I really hope this inspires others to give it a go, especially those who are afraid to take the first step… Don’t be intimated by The Best Workout in the World!

Thank you Barry’s Bootcamp for being my home away from home!

Instagram: pshahani27