By Casey Sharbaugh

No matter what coast you are on or what the current temperature may be, anyone and everyone can get a bit of Spring fever. Even if it doesn’t mean you’ll be packing away your heavy down parka, it’s not too early to get sprung about Spring. Hello blue skies, bright flowers, and green grass! Since we still have a few more weeks to go before actually enjoying these perks, the right products can brighten your days to make it feel warm outside even when it isn’t. Here’s how:

bright row 1


Why not further enhance your derrière on Butt & Legs day with Monreal Booty Boost Shorts ($135)? Inevitably you have ten black and gray hoodies (cough, New Yorkers, cough,) so mix things up with Lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech Hoodie in Lakeside Blue ($98). Even if the flowers aren’t quite growing outside yet, you can let them bloom in the studio with the adidas by Stella McCartney Essentials Blossom Tank ($60).

To feel like the true shining star that you are in class, reach for the new Barry’s gold collection of apparel. It has been scientifically proven* to make you hit a 12.0 on every.single.sprint. (*Not actually, but you will feel like a boss!) So snag it from your local studio ASAP before it sells out! (See the featured image of Barry’s Hollywood manager Kelly Kikugawa above)

bright row 2


While us gals are as tough as the guys, we still won’t ever enjoy getting calluses on our hands from holding dumbbells. Enter: Props Athletics Freedom Gloves ($38). Hate the halo of frizz that grows around your hairline during extra sweaty workouts? Try keeping things in place with the Athleta Thin Sparkle Headband ($15). Girls and guys alike can personalize their gym bags, water bottles, or any other flat surface you can think of (abs?!) with Bandier’s Neon Alphabet Stickers ($6).

bright row 3


If you can’t make a statement with your shoes at Barry’s to brighten up an outfit, where can you? Men, go bold with the Nike Flyknit Air Max ($225). Meanwhile, women will feel like they’re running on clouds in adidas Energy Boost 3 ($160).

bright row 4


While ARROW Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm ($14) may look tame at first glance, the high tech moisturizing formula reacts with your personal pH to create a unique shade of pink on each user. Put away your basic neutrals and instead opt for an energizing nail color such as TRUE Isaac Mizrahi Nail Lacquer in Bikini Bottom Pink ($10). Violet blush sounds intense, but the NARS Illuminating Multiple in Violet Atom ($39) is actually the perfect sheer wash of color and works on multiple skin tones.

Here’s hoping spring arrives sooner rather than later, but if you’re feeling a little impatient, these will give you a little hit during your HIIT!