Great Balls of Chocolate!
by Gabby De Nigris

Proof that chocolate is good for you – here’s a trainer-created sweet treat recipe from San Francisco trainer and blogger Gabby de Nigris. It’s only four ingredients, vegan and paleo, and super easy (and super yummy). And we’re super happy to have Gabby as the newest contributor to the Barry’s blog.

Am I a genius? I’m not sure, but I’m starting to think the answer is yes. After all, I did create this insanely delicious and nutritious Chocolate Ball recipe!! This recipe has been a work in progress for a long time, and was just finally perfected. It originally called for coconut oil, but because I try to avoid oil at all costs (read more on that here), I was thrilled when I made it sans oil and it turned out even better! I prefer to make my own food whenever possible, and only eat whole, plant-based foods, so let’s just say I was pretty elated when these guys came out this outrageously delicious.

I’m not good at following recipes, and I have no patience for making things that require 101 ingredients and processes. For me, simplicity is key. So the best part is that these balls (holding back jokes is hard) require four ingredients, a food processor, and literally taste like freaking brownie batter. TBH, I think I’ve consumed my weight in Chocolate Balls within the last 24hrs – it’s really not normal. #halp

gabby choc 1


15 Pitted Dates

1/2 Cup Whole Raw Unsalted Cashews

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2  1/2 tsbp Cocoa Powder

gabby choc 2

Place all ingredients in a food processor fitted with an “S” blade and blend until it forms a dough like ball. Scoop out and roll into  smaller balls, place in freezer for about an hour (or eat right away if you’re impatient like me) and you’re done! So easy. So good. So healthy.

gabby choc 3

After you make these, let me know if you love them as much as I do (which is more than I’ve ever loved anything before).

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