Paleo Crusted Chicken Recipe
by Rebecca Kennedy

I love a crispy chicken every so often. The downside is the fried food leaving your stomach a complete mess. I immediately get sick and have to “reset” my body for several days following. I decided to take a crack at making a version of crispy chicken that doesn’t upset my stomach. This is still a “pan fried” dish, I use grapeseed oil in the pan or coconut oil (depending on how tropical I want my dish to taste). Great ratio of macros (protein, carbs and fat) to complement a well-rounded day of exercise. This won’t leave you overly stuffed, but satisfies the savory tooth with the truffle and cheese; as well as the sweet tooth, with the honey. If you’re dairy-free, skip the cheese because the chicken is Paleo (grain, soy, and dairy free). Make sure to choose organic, raw, natural, unprocessed and high quality foods. You only get one body and in order to SEE your results, your food needs to supply the right nutrients to let your hard work come to life!

Paleo Crusted Chicken & Spinach Salad with Truffle Honey


For the salad

Organic baby spinach
Pine Nuts
Ricotta Salata (crumbled up)
Truffle Honey

For the Organic Paleo Crusted Chicken Tenders

1 pound organic chicken cutlets
Organic coconut / almond flour
Gluten free Paleo breadcrumbs
2 organic, cage/antibiotic free eggs

In 3 mixing bowls: first dredge chicken in flour, next in second bowl of whisked eggs, finally lightly coating chicken in bread crumbs in third bowl.

Heat sauté pan up on medium-high heat and then add oil and turn down to medium. Add pieces of chicken and flip when golden. Warning: If the heat is too high, the breadcrumbs will burn and inside of chicken won’t cook.

Place on salad and drizzle truffle honey on top.