Leather and Lace
by Mandy Gragg

Total Studio Domination: The Boldest Barry’s Retail Collection In-Studio and Beyond

Our world has turned into a bold new arena where fashion takes on fitness head to head. Where some sneaker models are classified as “lifestyle” to distinguish them from actual training models, fabrics like neoprene and leather spandex are called “couture,” and the term athleisure is now officially a searchable term in the dictionary.

Bold and daring are at the forefront of our current Barry’s retail collection, “Leather and Lace,” taking this trend to the next level of audaciously powerful. Considering the familiar array of colors springtime beckons, it’s exciting to have the option to change up the pace with a splash of dark and daring with pieces by Splits59 and the signature Barry’s Bootcamp collection.

mandy leater 1

This season’s sheen and lace adorned pieces function as flawlessly on the streets as they do in the studio. This tank by Splits59 is truly one of a kind. It’s buttery soft fabric is nearly weightless, and perfect for class. When paired with a fashionable sports bra and a wrap or jacket, it makes an edgy statement while out on the town.

mandy leather 3

My second favorite must-have from this collection is actually from the men’s side – our cotton waffle pullover hoodie. It’s one of the most comfortable hoodies I own, and the color makes it incredibly easy to pair outside the studio. I’ve styled it under a silk track jacket with distressed jeans and booties for a night out in San Francisco, playing into our city’s “urban prep” OOTD uniform.

mandy leather 4

I never teach class without some sort of mesh, netting, or ripped grungy detail. It’s just a part of my character and style, whether in or out of the studio. My crops by Onzie are quickly making their way to the top of my spandex drawers every week. They are incredibly flattering, given the smooth waistband and buttery fabric. The smaller logo also makes it an excellent transitional piece. Just hide the logo with a change into boots, and throw a comfy longer sweater over top. [Editor’s note: We do not recommend ever hiding the Barry’s logo, naturally. 😉 ]

mandy leather 6

For more details on how to style your Barry’s gear and favorite activewear, head over to my blog, The Haute Sweat, or via Instagram at @thehautesweat.

  mandy leather 5

Photos by Alvin Holden, Barry’s San Francisco Instructor

Footwear c/o allbirds