A Greater Cause: BIGVISION
by Matty Maggiacomo & Travis Schwerin

In 1988, Barry Jay’s life had reached a point where he didn’t recognize himself in the mirror anymore. A struggle with addiction had plagued him for many years, and while there were periods of hope and sobriety, a lack of purpose stood in the way of complete recovery. He decided to clean up and hit the gym.  Working out became his new addiction. This new commitment to fitness started him on the path to recovery, and would eventually lead to the creation of Barry’s Bootcamp, and the opportunity to bring health to himself and others through his own concept. The rest, is history…

Since then, Barry has dedicated himself to a life of helping others, specifically those fighting to be stronger and healthier. This May, Barry will lead NYC’s first-ever Community Benefit class for BIGVISION, an organization that provides fun, sober activities to young adults transitioning into regular life after completing rehab or sober living. BIGVISION was founded by Eve Goldberg, in memory of her son, Isaac. Eve describes Isaac as a charismatic young man, amazing athlete, and Barry’s-enthusiast who also struggled with a substance abuse disorder. Sadly, in 2014, Isaac’s battle with drugs took its final toll; he passed away from an accidental overdose at the age of 23.


Eve recalls that in early recovery Isaac was challenged to find healthy activities to stay busy, a substitute for substances. While living at a sober facility in Tribeca, Isaac discovered Barry’s which, Eve says, served as the safe haven that he needed. While others may find Barry’s program overwhelming, Isaac embraced the challenges in the studio and pushed himself to his limits while finding solace in physical exercise. Eve says that she remembers observing how strong her son was while sprinting on the treadmill, saying that it was at Barry’s where she saw his true strength and desire to beat the addiction. She knows Isaac didn’t want to die; he wanted to get better and Barry’s was a place that pushed him closer to that goal.

On May 7th at Barry’s Tribeca, Barry Jay will lead the young members of BIGVISION in their first Barry’s class with a discussion and Q&A to follow. Barry wants to share his story but also tell how Barry’s is not only a place to come to workout but it is a loving community that was founded on building strength, self-confidence, and courage; it is a place for survivors.

If you wish to join the Barry’s team in supporting BIGVISION, please donate and help continue their efforts to bring fun, healthy activities to their members. Donate here.