How to do the January Challenge with Erica Stenz and Tommy Stracke
by Erica Stenz

Editor’s note: Earlier this month, our own San Francisco superstar Erica Stenz was selected by the Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to addressing “the critical needs of our society by developing an innovative, multi-dimensional approach that utilizes advocacy and awareness for positive body image, peer-based mentorship/role models, and financial grants that make physical movement a reality.” Due to her work as an ambassador for this amazing organization, Erica was given a grant to create a community challenge that would inspire San Francisco to eat clean and promote self-esteem and confidence through exercise. So starting January 1, 2016, Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco trainers, Erica Stenz & Thomas Stracke, are leading a 14-day challenge in San Francisco supported by Movemeant Foundation and Old Navy. But you don’t Read More